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Steve Aoki—Dim Mak
"I'm a dj, I run my own record label, and I'm a designer."

New Album

My debut mix album “Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles” hits stores in Jan 2008!  Give it a listen here...

DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire

DJ Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire has risen from throwing impromptu concerts in his living room while a student at UC Santa Barbara in the late 90’s to become one of the most sought after DJs in the country. Deemed the music tastemaker by those in the know, his ear for music paired with his ability to drop party rocking beats has championed dance floors night after night. Whether providing the indie soundtrack to his wildly popular Tuesday night at Cinespace in LA (which also showcases the hippest up-and-coming bands) or dropping the biggest party hits at Hollywood’s LAX and NYC’s Marquee, Steve Aoki has become a jack-of-all-trades. Between his daily treks touring the country (and lately as far a field as London and Japan) he manages to run one of the most respected indie labels in the country, Dim Mak (home to Bloc Party, The Rakes, Moving Units, the Kills etc.) as well as promote his own nights in LA & NYC featuring any band looking to make it (yes they all played for him first: The Bravery, Jimmy Eat World, Lady Sovereign, and the list goes on). “Some people think I’m being ironic, but I like everything I play,” says Aoki. “I like hip-hop and respect hip-hop just as much as I do rock. It’s the music I always wanted to DJ. As for everything else, a good song is a good song.”

For more info please visit www.SteveAoki.com.


Dim Mak
Age 29
Los Angeles, CA

My Favorite...

People, friends, colors, music, teeth, hybrids, graffiti, photos, mom, family, gambling, studio time, window seat business class, tornado, being on a boat, hotel life, briana burrows

Ksubi, KR3W, Supra, WESC, RVCA, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Hysteric Glamour

Places to Shop:
Istore, Beatport, Dimmakcollection.com, Obesity and speed, Loveless, Colette, Brooklyn projects, Barracuda, Kitson mens, American rag

Style Secrets:
color patterns


Dim Mak

Fashion: The LifeFashion: The Life follows the real lives and struggles of streetwear fashion designers Luam, Steve Aoki and Danny Shaw as they take their clothing collections to the biggest fashion show and marketplace in the world; the MAGIC convention in Las Vegas.

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