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Jade's popularity

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Jade's Quotes

"I feel like such a nugget, sitting here in my pink top waiting for someone to call my name."
Day 64, 20:37

"to Alex: I told Big Brother so many things you've learnt me, and I've been proud."
Day 64, 04:04

"If you can't talk to me for an hour, don't talk to me at all."
Day 63, 23:37

"Oh excellent, so they'll learn me how to talk properly."
Day 63, 11:06

"I've showed more sides of me than anybody else in this House."
Day 63, 02:20

"I can fit a four-finger Kit Kat in my mouth that way (sideways)."
Day 63, 01:37

"Alex and katie do rude things under the covers, no wonder why Katie stayed in the House so long, because she does dirty things with the boys."
Day 62, 03:47

"Jade's got the biggest trap in the House."
Day 60, 14:51

"I think them chickens have given me fleas."
Day 60, 02:20

"Am I the biggest cheddar in the world?"
Day 58, 15:27

"I think I'm going to be a fruit pastille tonight"
Day 57, 13:52

"(To Alex) I look like Miss Piggy."
Day 55, 22:39

"[Alex] said: 'I know I have to go 'cause I'm now thinking of ways how I can win it - I've never been like that.'"
Day 55, 11:00

"I haven't got a beaut body, I've got a kebab body. "
Day 52, 13:58

"I reckoned I would be the third or fourth person out. It's a good thing, I've had no expectations since I've come here."
Day 51, 12:44

"My boobs aren't melons and they're not hard, are they?"
Day 48, 00:20

"to Kate: You're quite a sweet girl can be a bloody bitch, but quite a sweet girl."
Day 47, 13:00

"I ain't got a brain to know how to play a game"
Day 47, 02:32

"I've always wanted to be a beauty therapist, not so much make-up cos I haven't got a clue."
Day 46, 17:57

"I think I've had enough because it's just talk, talk, talk, then go to another person and talk, talk, talk. And I hate it."
Day 41, 02:53

"I can't sleep, I think you've given me that disease Jonny, insomnina."
Day 41, 01:05

"I might not understand civilised conversation and that can irritate people."
Day 40, 15:19

"Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...grrrr"
Day 38, 19:31

"Your head reminds me of a boiled egg..."
Day 36, 03:00

"Everyday somebody comments about my nipples; yes they're big."
Day 34, 19:06

"You might like fat fannies, but I'm sorry."
Day 32, 01:35

"I'm sorry, I may have rebelled the rules but it's toothpaste and I'm a dental nurse."
Day 31, 01:55

"What does hostile mean?"
Day 28, 15:53

"What was I going to say? Now that's surprising, I've forgotten."
Day 28, 10:53

"In the olden days they had wirelophones and they got music out of that."
Day 27, 14:51

"Rio de Janeiro, ain't that a person?"
Day 24, 13:29

"I don't think I'm the most gorgeous girl on the planet but I look at Kate and I don't think she's pretty at all. I'm prettier than Kate. Kate has got a weird nose and weird teeth. I don't think she's nothing at all."
Day 24, 02:52

"I like to get drunk and make a fool of myself."
Day 19, 21:29

"I got a 'U' in geography"
Day 17, 23:12

"If your name's not Dan, you're not coming in."
Day 13, 12:24

"I've got good hair, considering it's bleached. I'm a fake bird."
Day 12, 11:32

"I'm not going to be an escape goat for anyone."
Day 11, 15:37

"Is Tunisia near India?"
Day 10, 11:11

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