The Mission
San Francisco's oldest neighborhood

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What's new? Planning department agrees to a hearing on regulations/ restrictions for pornography production in San Francisco. 
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Next meeting September 18th Victoria Theater
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Keep your eyes and ears open.  Kink.com has been warned by the planning commission that parties or large public gatherings at the Armory constitute change of use and will require numerous permits and public input. 
If you notice this type of activity at the Armory document it then contact us or call the planning department at 558.6378.

We support community friendly use of the Mission Armory,
Re-Zoning to require community support before
the porn production industry can move into your neighborhood.

Screams force Casa de las Madras to move.

"Shut it Down" and "Stop Sex-ploitation,''
protesters demanded that
Kink.com, an online pornographer, stop its plans to make X-rated bondage videos inside the building."
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"Women in Hip-Hop  battling 'vixen' stereotypes"
"Sex sells in a society that sells sex."
And while hip-hop  videos have contributed to the
sexual objectification of women,
" Even more problematic,
"you have porn directors directing (music) videos ...
one of the things about super-sexualized imagery is
the more you have,
the more numb people are to how
sexualized it is, how over the edge."

(Conscious Daughters)

Wall Street Journal
The zoning official says he didn't notice the wording about NC-17 films. "Frankly, I kind of missed that,"

No Condos, Please: Old Armory Finds New Life in Porn By Vauhini Vara   2-7-07

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Hub of all that's Hot
(Porn industry) images and practices
... sometimes concern people like John Karr, who has for 30 years reviewed gay adult movies for the Bay Area Reporter, the Castro neighborhood paper.

Karr  wonders about the impact of porn on the sex lives of average gay men, whether it
leads them into excessive fringe and fetish practices. ... portray hardcore and violent sexual acts.

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