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Welcome to Trustix Secure Linux!

Comodo regrets to announce that it will discontinue all distribution, updates and direct support for Trustix Secure Linux effective December 31, 2007.   The user support forum at will continue to remain online throughout 2008.

Comodo will continue to support the Trustix Enterprise Firewall  as a going forward product at through at least the end of 2008, and will introduce version 4.8 before the end of 2007.

The installation ISO CD images can be downloaded via bittorrent, http and ftp. For the torrent files, visit

The stable version is Trustix Secure Linux 2.2 You can find the announcement here, and can be downloaded here

Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5 has been released! You can find it here.


Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5
The Comodo Trustix team is proud to announce the release of Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5, an update
to the previous "Tikka Masala". The new releases is named "Mirch Masala" to describe the new
interesting changes associated.

Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5 RC 2 Release
And here we go with the last release candidate before we explode with the final of 3.0.5. With special
requests we have added something newer and more:

Trustix Secure Linux 3.0.5 RC 1 Release
The next version of Trustix Secure Linux is on its way. With this release we are one step close to
making it to the final release of 3.0.5 . Thank you all for giving your feedbacks and inputs to making
Trustix Secure Linux a success.

For download details please visit here.
Monday, 29 October 2007
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