The punk-funk party-starter of 2007? Probably.

!!! - Myth Takes
Posted by Chris French on 22-Jun-07 @ 05:52 PM

[4.5/5] !!! have long been major catalysts for unlocking hipsters' hips, and they're not about to stop doing so now. On their third album proper, Myth Takes, the Brooklyn octet haven't lost an iota of edginess, funk or raucousness. In fact, !!! have crafted their most accessible and uncompromising album. They banish all thoughts of "difficult third album" syndrome from the get-go: The swift, funky title track comes off like a twangy, surf-guitar-enhanced Tussle. "All My Heroes Are Weirdos" continues the brilliance with strident, torqued yet eerily atmospheric punk funk that's geared to cause a ruckus wherever it's played. "Bend Over Beethoven" orchestrates the rare feat of good fratboy funk, despite its dodgy title. The song gradually morphs into a deep space-funk odyssey that could wow heads at Bonnaroo. Throughout Myth Takes, !!! deftly balance adventurousness with fun-a potent combo that too few bands achieve. With !!!, though, it's second nature. (WARP) Dave Segal

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