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Article source: Nintendo Power

Experience the Extra Dimension!

Category: RPG
Players: up to 4 players
Release Date: Oct 03, 2005
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Genius Sonority Inc.

Return to Orre for a new role-playing game in an expansive setting with a sinister plot and characters the likes of which have never been met before. With Eevee as your companion, you'll seek to unravel the mystery of Shadow Lugia. The fate and welfare of Pokémon lies in your ability to Snag and Purify them before it’s too late!


  • Experience intense 3D Pokémon action in a full-scale RPG!
  • Snag and purify a wide variety of Shadow Pokémon!
  • Unravel the mystery of Shadow Lugia and overthrow Cipher's evil plans.
  • Master your two-on-two battle skills against Cipher's toughest goons.
  • Import Pokémon from your GBA Pokémon games and watch them battle in full 3D.
Pokémon XD (Extra Dimension) takes place five years after the events that transpired in Pokémon Colosseum. Controlling a young Pokémon Trainer named Michael, your objective is to thwart the evil plans of Cipher -- a ruthless organization bent on using Shadow Pokémon to take over the world.

Stakes are High

Cipher makes Colosseum's Team Snagem look like a bunch of two-bit amateurs. This is made immediately clear during the game's opening sequence, when you witness Cipher's Shadow Lugia effortlessly pluck a massive cargo ship straight out of the ocean.

Known as XD001, Shadow Lugia is Cipher's ultimate Shadow Pokémon. Cipher's goal is to create more Pokémon like Shadow Lugia to assist in their plot for world domination.

Shadow Pokémon

Like Pokémon Colosseum, Pokémon XD features Shadow Pokémon that have been corrupted by evil Trainers. Shadow Pokémon can execute powerful Shadow moves, but they are unpredictable and will sometimes disobey commands.

Michael uses an Aura Reader to identify Shadow Pokémon, and a newly-designed Snag Machine is used to swipe them from unsuspecting evil-doers. When you face a Shadow Pokémon, Michael's Aura Reader is activated and the Shadow Pokémon is identified. Weaken the opposing Shadow Pokémon, then use the Snag Machine to attempt to rescue it.

Purify Chamber

Shadow Pokémon must be purified before the doors to their hearts can be completely opened. Purification can be accomplished by keeping Shadow Pokémon in your party, or you can visit the all-new Purify Chamber to purify multiple Shadow Pokémon more quickly.

To use the Purify Chamber, you must first select a Pokémon to purify and place it in the center of one of nine "Sets." Next, you place regular Pokémon around the Shadow Pokémon to aid in the purification process. The process will go more or less quickly depending on the number and types of the regular Pokémon you select.

Using the Purify Chamber, it's possible to quickly purify up to nine Shadow Pokémon simultaneously. This is a very handy tool, but you'll have to build up a collection of purified Pokémon before you can take full advantage of the Purify Chamber.


You'll begin Pokémon XD with Eevee as your companion. Early in your adventure, you'll meet a sailor who will offer to give you one of five items which aid in Eevee's evolution. Depending on which item you choose, Eevee can evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon or Umbreon. Choose wisely!

VS. Mode

In addition to the incredibly deep RPG portion of the game, Pokémon XD also features an awesome VS. Mode that allows you to participate in intense 3D Pokémon battles.

Using a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable, you can import your favorite Pokémon from Game Boy Advance Pokémon games to battle in full 3D. Two or four players can tweak a variety of options to create the ultimate Pokémon battle!

Bottom Line

With a huge number of Shadow Pokémon to purify and an option-rich VS. Mode, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is a satisfying RPG that is sure to please any Pokémon fan!

Everyone: Cartoon Violence.

Cartoon Violence
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Pokémon XD
Gale of Darkness

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