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Re: POST: The Frightening Dangers of Moderation

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> From: Dale Thorn <dthorn@gte.net>
> To: Jerry Basham <2ndSun@bigfoot.com>
> Cc: cypherpunks@toad.com; freedom-knights@jetcafe.org
> Subject: Re: POST: The Frightening Dangers of Moderation
> Date: Saturday, February 08, 1997 7:48 PM
> Jerry Basham wrote:
> > Ok...this is the fourth junk e-mail I've received that I don't want. 
> > account is in jeapordy, and my advice is for you to just stop sending
> > this junk.  Take me off your e-mail list, NOW.
> > If this e-mail from me, being mad at you, is what makes you happy, and
> > how you have fun, then you just have a personal problem and I feel
> > for you.
> > Do what you can to heal yourself...meanwhile, don't send me
> > isp provider is next on my e-mail list.
> Jerry, my provider is GTE, and if you think you can make a dent in
> them, go ahead and butt your head against the wall.  No sweat offa
> my ass.
> OTOH, if you stop bitching and groaning long enough to figure out
> who is doing the remailing etc., then you'll be miles ahead.  I'm
> not optimistic.