How to Play Politics- Check out our Start or What is FC? pages.
  • Draft your team of Members of Congress (MCs).

  • Earn points as your MCs legislate effectively.

  • Manage by trading, benching, or picking up free MCs.

  • Win by getting the most points by the end of the season and go down in political history.

Details below...

Playing Politics Step One: DRAFTING

Your team consists of sitting Members of Congress (MCs) from all parts of the spectrum of seniority. The more senior a Representative or Senator, the more powerful they are. For your team, you will draft:

  • Upper Senators- Senators with seniority more than half the Senate
  • Lower Senators- Senators with seniority less than half the Senate
  • All-Stars- Senior Representatives
  • Supporting Lineup- Mid-Range Representatives
  • Rookies- Junior Representatives

You can bench, trade, or grab free agents to react to the changing political climate.

Your league commissioner can choose a range of drafting options, including: Autopick, Offline Draft, Open Draft (Pick'Em), or Silent Auction (where you bid political capital to get Members of Congress).

Playing Politics Step Two: EARNING POINTS

The Members of Congress (MCs) on your team score points by performing their legislative duties. None of this action is simulated or imaginary; every real action your MC takes in Congress reflects in your points daily. We evlauate MCs in the following categories:

  1. Legislative Success- Moving bills through a chamber of Congress, the opposite chamber, and onto the President's desk for signature. League Commissioners can choose what subjects of legislation are important to them, e.g. Democratic Legislation or Environmental Legislation. The default does not discriminate between parties, but it does decrease points for commemorative legislation. Check out our Legislative Tutorial for more info.
  2. Voting Attendance- Ever since elementary school, absences have counted against you. Members of Congress are also evaluated on whether they show up to do their job. (COMING SOON!)
  3. Maverick Score- It takes guts to stand as an individual against the party. If the vote is tight and your MC breaks ranks, they score higher in this category.
  4. Speeches- Sponsoring legislation is not enough by itself. Debating and speaking on the Senate or House floor is also part of pushing an agenda. (COMING SOON!)
  5. Noteworthy National News- Receiving noteworthy natioanl news can indicate that an MC is working hard to achieve goals valued by the country. (COMING SOON!)
  6. Noteworthy Local News- Coverage by local media can indicate that legislators are working on issues important to their constitutents. (COMING SOON!)

We are also considering including other measures of political activity such as how much money an MC receives in contributions and how well they fare in most recent opinion polls. If you disagree with any of these categories, as a league commissioner you can choose to not include them in your league's scoring rubric. As Fantasy Congress grows, we want this website to be community-driven, so let us know if you have any suggestions for further categories or if you would like to help us create one that suits your particular interests.

Playing Politics Step Three: MANAGING YOUR TEAM

Balance. Your team of MCs must do well in many categories. As the Citizen manager of your team, it is up to you to choose how to win. You can use the following tools:

  • Bench- If you MC is not going to have a good week, bench them and substitute someone else in.
  • Trade- If your MC is not pulling weight, then you can trade for another MC. "I'll trade you Obama for Clinton."
  • Pick up an MC from the Free Agent Pool or the Waiver Pool (recently relinquished MCs).

As with any manager, you can message fellow league members and other folks within the community with bluffs, hopes for the season, and generally talk smack.

Playing Politics Step Four: WINNING

As your team does better in each of these categories, they move up in rankings. Teams are ranked from first to last in each category and then points are awarded according to the order of finish in each category and are totaled to determine an overall score and place. The time-tested winning formula is:

More Points =
At the end of the season, the winning Citizen will have bragging rights as someone who can really "play politics." No matter, win or lose, everyone gets the privilege of civic participation and a deeper understanding of Congress.

Go ahead, start playing politics!