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Eyal Ben-Ari

e-mail: mseba@mscc.huji.ac.il
Title: Professor
Born 1953, Jerusalem; Ph.D. 1984, Univ. of Cambridge.  

Research interests:

  • Japanese culture and society

  • Early childhood education in Japan

  • Social and cultural aspects of the military

  • The anthropology of organizations

  • The sociology of anthropology


Selected publications:


  • 1998 Mastering Soldiers: Conflict, Emotions and the Enemy in an Israeli Military Unit. Oxford: Berghahn Books.  

  • 2000, Ed. (with John Clammer) Japan in Singapore: Cultural Presences. London: Curzon Press

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  • 2005. Timothy Tsu, Jan van Bremen and Eyal Ben-Ari (eds) Perspectives on Social Memory in Japan. London: Paul Norbury.

  • 2005. Burkhard Schnepel and Eyal Ben-Ari (eds) Toward an Anthropology of the Night. Paideuma.


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  • 2005 Eyal Ben-Ari A “Good” Military Death: Cultural Scripts, Organizational Experts and Contemporary Armed Forces. Armed Forces and Society. 31(4) 651-64.

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  • 1997 Body Projects in Japanese Childcare: Culture, Organization and Emotions in a Preschool. London: Curzon. 

  • 1997 Organization and Culture in Japanese Childcare: An Interpretive Study. London: Kegan Paul International. (forthcoming)

  • 1997 (with Yoram Bilu) Grasping Land: Space and Place in Israeli Discourse and Experience. Albany: State University of New York Press.  

  • 1996 Body Projects in Japanese Childcare: Culture, Organization and Emotions in a Preschool. London: Curzon. 

  • 1996 (with Efrat Ben-Ze'ev) "Imposing Politics: Attempts at Creating a Museum of "Co-Existence" in Jerusalem". Anthropology Today 12(6) 7-13. 

  • 1995 (with Avner Ben-Amos) "Resonance and Reverberations: Ritual and Bureaucracy in the State Funerals of the French Third Republic". Theory and Society 24: 163-95.  

  • 1995 "Contested Identities and Models of Action in Japanese Discourses of Place-Making: An Interpretive Study". Anthropological Quarterly 68(4): 203-18

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