Audley Undergoes Surgery
Pectoralis Repair Operation
Fractured Hand In Cast
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Tuesday 30th October 2007

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Wednesday 24th October 2007. Audley Harrison undergoes hand surgery and pectoralis repair

Following the recent vehicle crash in Vero Beach whilst training for a fight, Audley Harrison suffered injuries to his right hand and his pectoralis.

Shortly after the incident, Audley visited orthopaedic hand surgeon James W. Vahey MD who placed Audley’s right hand into a cast to treat two fractured bones. Audley had sustained a small fracture at the base of his second metacarpal and a fracture of the dorsal lip of his carpal hamate during the crash. Dr Vahey recommended a two week period of cast immobilisation followed by two additional weeks of splint immobilisation but Audley will actually be in cast for four weeks, three of which have already passed.

On October 23rd Audley saw Stephen Lombardo, MD at the Kerlan & Jobe Surgical Center and underwent successful left pectoralis repair. Audley will be in a sling for six weeks and start his rehabilitation programme for six months. He is expected to return to the boxing ring in 6-8 months.

Audley commented: “This is a really tough blow to suffer. I was really looking forward to working with Dennis Hobson and getting back in the ring again. I am out for a long time and although the mountain keeps getting higher, I still have the desire and the fight to climb it. I will complete my rehabilitation programme and return to the ring as soon as all my injuries have healed.”



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