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Due to its wide demographic representation, the Alumni Association of Schiller International University/The American College of Switzerland is presented with a unique challenge: to take full advantage of such diversity in its sponsored events and projects. To date there are over 20,000 alumni from more than 100 countries from all SIU campuses and over 5,000 alumni from 90 countries from the ACS campus alone. Inclusive of both graduates of the College and all former matriculating students, the alumni constitute an invaluable resource for the College.

Members of the ACS Alumni Association share a common bond of memories of the College, their experiences in Leysin and the many friends they made during their stay. The alumni act as unofficial ambassadors for the College itself. Alumni referrals prove to be a most effective prelim-inary selection process for recruitment of future students, as alumni can best gauge who will benefit from a community as rich, as diverse and as challenging as the multicultural American College of Switzerland.

Contributions by alumni include providing financial support, communicating on a regular basis with the Alumni Office, attending college and regional reunions, and participating in such projects as the Alumni Admissions Representative program. Keys to the network are the Alumni Newsletter and the websites at and

It is the goal of the Alumni Association to draw upon the diversity and many abilities of its members, and through networking to utilize these strengths to benefit the College. Through the efforts of the Alumni Association, ACS can more fully pursue its mission of international under-standing and cooperation through education. If you wish to speak with an alumnus in your area about coming to the American College of Switzerland, please contact the ACS Admissions Office.


Bethani Ann De Long Vehapi (Mrs.)
Director of Admissions
Schiller International University
American College of Switzerland
CH-1854 Leysin, Switzerland
tel. +41 24 493 03 09
fax +41 24 493 03 00

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