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Aloha Gomer Pyle: I was the rifleman
on the left, and you were directing our marching most the afternoon.
PFC out of bootcamp. L/cpl Charles C Jess. Ex'os orderly aboard the Kirsearge Aircraft Carrier. 19 yr. old and this was a great experience. This has nothing to do with any money it is for the many times I braged about being apart of the Marine Homer Guard at the beginning of all your shows.
I live very happy here on the Big Island where I built and now own our home and load. Ocean View Paino, guitars, and a good song The peace fields will be comming when all the Armies of the World have to get together to fight the Biggest Emeny the World has ever seen, Its the Armies of the Hungry growing by millions ever day and you do not have to enlist to get that way. Little tiny Almonds eyes in Vetnam hollering hey Joe you got some ransums sure we say. Three purple hearts mostly as raido man
27th Marines Charlie Co. Fireteam leader, listening Post turned off the raido, and night point man. I chased VC Charlie more than a mile after he put a gernade up from his hole in the ground. 4 seconds to live or. When I put him on his own rice paddy dyke I gave my enemy a slight hug and took off his black tee shirt to use for a turniqute to save his life. Healing from a war begins on the feilds of battle.
I am the Chaplain Post 6 Hilo
Disabled American Veterans. This is an
honorable group of Veterans. To those solders still feeling the pain of no welcome home I just say. God is our most love and did He not guide this Country to send us brothers to battle in a Country most of us nevere heard of. Did not our Presedent Bush went to Hanoi and make friends, in southeast asia. Do you think this this would have been possible if we did not go and beat them so bad that peace will foever more will be. All Veterans visiting Vietnam get a warm hug and a hand shake. Ever heard of a Terriost in Vietnam. No and they are at the borders waiting for some to try. The Over 58 Thousand Lives of Veterans all went back home and so glade are they to have gone to Gods Kingdom where only peace can be. Above my heart the XC-Ray last month showed mental, yet in Da-Nang hospital they said it had bleed out go back in the field. I road some giant Surf at China Beach Da Nang. 3 day pass for capturing a VC, Even then I saw them my brother. Jim this is an honor to wright some of the ways the world took us. Charles & Bille Jess
Billie is an angle sent here.
If ever you are by our way you will always have a friend, and a song.
God Bless you for all you have done for this Country. What Constitution can be as lasting as ours.
You all better shut it!!! Jim Nabors brought me to tears whenever he sang!!! You should all be ashamed!
Day One -- like most spinoffs.
Hey, y'all. Leave Gomer alone! The boy was 30 plus years old, liked monster movies and popcorn, and was "dating" that little sweetie, Miss Poovey (what a name!). Obviously, the first openly gay marine. A trailblazer! And, yes, it WAS in the south, during Vietnam, and there were no black soldiers. Uh, I can't explain that one.
This show jumped when reality of the Vietnam War simploy could not be ignored.
For God's sake, Gomer is a comedic side character, not a lead to a straight man, and his Sargent was a horrible straight man because the situations he got himself into were worse than anything Gomer could have done in Mayberry.

SO here lies the paradox: can a comedic second fiddle play star straight man to a straight man who's more often the comedic second fiddle? The answer is that time and space ripped apart and this show was born from the ashes of the previous universe.

My parents used to make us watch this on TBS about 18 years ago followed by Andy Griffith.

No wonder there was a cultural revolution in the 60's - Vietnam had nothing to do with it. It was the face that slick-haired, heavily-censored garbage like this was ALL that was on TV.
Best Gomer episode ever: Doofus decides to pay a surprise visit to his friends and family in Mayberry, and nobody's home! Disappointed, Gomer gets back on the bus in time to see the Taylors coming back to town. JTS: Color and Gomer signing in the Jekyl and Hyde fashion.
The singing would have to be what did it for me. The early black & white episodes are good. Nonetheless, and it seemed to all happen simultaneously, the show went to color, Gomer started singing and Carter began hanging out with him on his off time. Any one of these could independently make the show jump, the cumulative effect was like a shark jump from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Sad too, because Frank Sutton was a GREAT Marine Drill in the first few seasons.
I think midway thru the series the show should have become a war dramady like MASH and then a straight out drama (no laugh track) as the whole platoon is sent to Vietnam. Then in the concluding episode (2 and 1/2 hours); Gomer throws himself on Carter to save his life and gets blown to pieces. The last scene shows a weeping Goober reading the telegram in the gas station garage.
It is hard to say just when this show may have "juped the shark"; since it is actually hard to establish IF it ever did, since we all seem unable to agree on just exactly this show was supposed to be about (i.e. realistic, vs idealistic). However, one poster opined ---- >>> Gomer Pyle jumped the shark when a bunch of Marines started a glee club. I mean I can forgive all the sins of the show as far as "realism"..I mean what do you expect from a sit-com? It is the height of idiocy to pretend that it is a show where the standards of boot camp and military discipline apply for each episode. I'm willing to give the show a break. But for crying out loud how can anybody believe even for a moment that a bunch of Marines would spend their free time harmonizing in a glee club! Oh yeah. The cheap shots at Jim Nabors are cruel. He is a very religious man who has been unfairly labeled. (end quote) <<<< Actually, such "glee clubs" are pretty common on military bases. Think sbout it...a "glee club" requires the participants to work together as a team, with precision, and discipline. Just like EVERYTHING in the military. But, the poster was right in saying that Mr. Nabors has been unfairly slammed. Far too many people say the show "jumped the shark" when "Gomer" started singing (I guess...because the deep baritone voice was a "surprise" or out-of-character.) Well...if this is "jumping the shark", then it happened on The Andy Griffith Show; as there was an episode were it was revealed that Gomer had an unexpected rich, baritone singing voice. So, in either case, "Gomer Pyle, USMC" can not be the show tagged with "jumping the shark". I will agree that Frank Sutton was an under-appreciated talent. His scenes with Alan Melville's "Sgt. Hacker" were priceless. Someone mentioned the lack of minorities on the series. There WAS one..."PFC Frankie (last name?)". Wasn't he Asian? Funny...he was often being mentioned, and characters often spoke to him...but I do not think the guy ever had ONE line of (think of him like Peanuts' "Franklin" However, I DO rememberan an old b&w episode of "Andy Griffith" where there was ACTUALLY a BLACK person in a scene, albeit a background extra. That was almost as shocking as seeing the later season "Leave It To Beaver" episode that had a Black actress, in a speaking part! (Okay...she played a maid...but And M*A*S*H's William Christoher had a recurring role as "PFC Lester Hummel". And yes...Ronnie Schell's "PVC/Cpl Duke Slater" was the epitome of annoying.
In 1964 I saw the Andy Griffith show when Gomer joined the Marines-and Andy made sure he got off to a good start.I was surprised that Gomer actualy was leaving-but then later in the summer I saw ads for a new show;"There's no marine like a Gomer Pyle marine!"Shazam!Gomer was gettin' his own show!I saw Gomer Pyle USMC regularly for a year or so.During that time Gomer was still the same lovable goofball he had been-and Sgt.Carter was a perfect,"antagonist."But with the second season I knew things were changing,and not just with Gomer's promotion to PFC.The shows became more farfetched-and the guest appearances by hometown folks like Opie,Goober,Aunt Bea,etcetera just meant they needed more outsiders.Giving Gomer a girlfriend in Lou Ann was a BIG mistake along with having Duke become a corporal.In the later years they were re-cycling old plots as well as lifting older plots from Andy Griffith.Things like that are when you know a series has lasted too long.As for Gomer's singing,he did have a pleasant voice.I did like it when I first heard him sing The Impossible Dream.Jim Nabors' variety show did last two years. (Gooolleee!)
Show jumped from day one. I found Jim Nabors mildly irritating on the Andy Griffith Show; but absolutely horrible as the star of Gomer Pyle. Another example of taking a somewhat popular supporting player and trying to build a whole show around him. That it lasted so long only proves the old adage that nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the public. Listening to Gomer talk (or sing, for that matter) was akin to hearing fingernails running down a blackboard. That Jim Nabors happens to be gay is hardly a big deal, but I'm just surprised to see some posters who still vociferously deny it. I'd never heard those false gay "marriage" rumors about he and Rock Hudson, but back in 1972 the Los Angeles Times ran the story that Jim Nabors and Los Angeles Rams quarterback Roman Gabriel were "married" in a gay ceremony and were living together. (Repeat: The L.A. Times -- NOT the National Inquirer). It was much talked-about at the time among Rams fans, and to the best of my memory was never retracted by the Times or successfully refuted by Nabors. In fact my dad was so shocked and disgusted that he cancelled his season tickets with the Rams and started rooting for another team. When Gabriel was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles a year later the speculation around L.A. was that his teammates had pressured the Rams to get rid of him (for obvious reasons) after his homosexuality had been made public in the Nabors "marriage" controversy.
The episode with the hippies is very disturbing on a number of levels, not the least of which is "fortunate son" draft dodger Rob Reiner playing a peace loving longhair. Reiner, who once had the gall to state in an interview that anyone who fought in Vietnam was an "idiot," never had to worry himself about going to war due to his rich famous father. He was a meathead then, is still one and always will be. The sight of this balding, ugly moron wearing a hippie wig and bonding with a gay marine is the height of irony considering what was really going on in the world at that time. If, as some posters have stated, GOMER PYLE existed in a fantasy sitcom land where America was not at war during the 60's, then what were the hippies and their peace signs supposed to represent in that one episode?
Gomer Pyle jumped the shark when a bunch of Marines started a glee club. I mean I can forgive all the sins of the show as far as "realism"..I mean what do you expect from a sit-com? It is the height of idiocy to pretend that it is a show where the standards of boot camp and military discipline apply for each episode. I'm willing to give the show a break. But for crying out loud how can anybody believe even for a moment that a bunch of Marines would spend their free time harmonizing in a glee club! Oh yeah. The cheap shots at Jim Nabors are cruel. He is a very religious man who has been unfairly labeled. The guy has to be in his 70's and this moronic myth just causes him pain he does not deserve The guy never hurt anybody, but made millions laugh with his comic portrayal of a country hick.
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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
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