Monday, October 29, 2007

Twenty-five more things.

1) The Gears of War trilogy will be finished on the Xbox 360.
2) IO-Interactive's next Hitman game, tentatively slated for release next summer, is coming to the Wii.
3) The Far Cry franchise is coming to the PS3 courtesy of Ubisoft Montreal.
4) Even though the forthcoming Prince of Persia 4 will probably not be coming to the Wii, the system will receive an "alternate title" in the Prince of Persia franchise,
5) That Resistance: Fall of Man 2 starts in Iceland and ends in Mexico.
6) NBA Ballers 3 (not the final title) will be slam dunking on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in April.
7) Sony Bend is working on a PS3 Syphon Filter title slated for release sometime in 2009.
8) Neither of n-Space's two Wii titles stars a ghost. However, they are even more ambitious than that ghost game and far better. One features a temple level that looks like it was swiped out of Red Steel and the other more ambitious title features an alien reptilian creature who bares quite a resemblance to Ganondorf. I'd be surprised if either sees release before March 2009.
9) Ubisoft will be publishing Soma, the Human Head/Mark Ecko collaboration coming to PS3 and 360 sometime before two years from now, and which I guarantee is way cooler than the overrated Prey.
10) After great success Athens 2004, Eurocom is developing sequel 2008 Beijing Olympics for Sega.
11) That non-Metroid game Retro Studios is working on is a new IP that is not an FPS.
12) Zoonami has a few titles that will be available through WiiWare next year.
13) Q Entertainment is working on WiiWare title or two for release for next year.
14) Space Michael won't be in Space Channel 5 Part 3.
15) ChuChu Rocket! comeback for DS and/or Wii.
16) EA's next-gen snowboarding title that may or may not have SSX in the title is coming next fall, at the same time frame as "the best snowboarding game ever" (or so I'm told numerous times) Shaun White Snowboarding (which is also shredding next-gen systems).
17) Red Steel 2 not before May, with multiplayer and co-op.
18) LEGO Indiana Jones is coming out after or at the same time as Indiana Jones (working title).
19) Yet another Super Monkey Ball game is in the works.
20) Fight Night 2008 is coming to the Wii.
21) Fuse Games + that pink round guy that floats = their next DS title.
22) Super Punch-Out! is coming to Virtual Console next year.
23) Monster Games is developing another game for Nintendo, that is not an Excite Truck sequel.
24) Wii Motor Sports Airplane is a WiiWare title.
25) Mario Superstar Baseball Wii is sliding to home base in the summer.


jeffk said...

If you're talking about the next Indy movie in 18, the official title has already bee announced: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention in my last message that if you ever hear something about Shenmue, be sure to let us know.


Lucas M said...

Concerning # 8: What ghost game are you speaking of?

Anonymous said...

Hey, no word on Daytona USA 3 yet? I asked you about this...

surfer girl said...

jeffk: I'm not talking about the movie.

anonymous: check the comments of "Some more things.", I answered someone's question about Shenmue there.

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