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Welcome to the BATARDS Website!
Welcome to the batard website made by BATARDS. :P This site is MOSTLY (:P) dedicated to the emulation related stuff. I dont update it as often as i want too but hey, keep checking once in a while. :)

   :: PSXeven V0.19 WIP Xeven 04/29/2005 at 4:30 AM

Okay, some update some updates :) It's been awhile, but here are the changes:
  • modified gpu timing opting for a "slower" update
  • fixed spu_freeze crash at exit
  • added spu_freeze for window "X" or close button
  • fixed vagrant story in-game crash, due to translator memory alignment error.
  • increased savestate number to 9 for the savestate crazy people.
  • fixed crash-on exit bug caused by libbz2
  • added the missing delete/markfree functions for the memcard manager
  • fixed YUV to RGB conversion so that it doesn't cause crash on glitches (FF9)
  • removed autoset.ini file since it confused some people
  • replaced old "dos" box with a custom terminal (since I often get complaints that it's ugly or whatever). This terminal allows you to do some things not present in the GUI including saving custom configurations by using the 'REG' command.
Also trying to create a new cdrom decoder at the moment, seems to booth some games not bootable with the current decoder (and vice versa). So hopefully I can continue to work on it. Have fun.  

   :: PSXeven V0.18 (yes its actually an update :P) Xeven 07/09/2004 at 17:00 PM

Took me long enough. . Anyhow, had nothing better to do today, so I compiled the last available source i ever had for the emulator. There's bugfixes in this version, including iirc memory problems that caused games to crash, not boot, etc. I can't enumerate all of them since I haven't updated the changelog for so long -_-' Anyhow, thought I might as well release it since it's been rotting in my repository for more than a year now. Have fun. Thanks to Snake785.

   :: PSXeven V0.17 rev B Quickpatch Xeven 06/26/2003 at 11:00 PM

Forgot to enable some preprocessor flags, that's why the interpreter is not working right.  . This version fixes that. Thanks to H. Nquyen for the fast feedback.

   :: PSXeven V0.17 WIP Xeven 06/25/2003 at 5:00 AM

Well i'm back at emufanatics, not like i moved anywhere anyhow (tnx Keith). Ahh.. release time, been awhile too, kinda busy nowadays. :P
  • Enabled interpreter mode. It was previously too slow to be of any use for running games. But due to optimizations done, its over 2X faster now. =P. You can swap between intepreter and translator mode anytime as well.
  • Enabled disassembler, you can enable/disable it by using F7. Enabled this one so that some can send me more useful info. :)
  • Implemented branch delay emulation in the interpreter. No need to use patches for tekken2 when running in interpreter mode. Thanks to linuzappz.
  • Added savestate manager. It can be used to delete/browse/load your current savestates.
  • Fixed memory allocation bug, which caused crashes during exits.
  • Fixed rootcounter "generate single interrupt" mode. Fixes Vagrant Story hanging.
  • Modified vysnc timing calculations. Fixes menu flickering in games like Vagrant Story etc.
  • Added NEGCON support. Havent tested.
  • Modified iDCT to skip all zero AC terms.
  • Minor translator speedup, it's roughly 10-15% faster. Still working on more optimizations, most are not enabled due to stability issues, hopefully i'll be able to fix them when i free up some time.
  • Added rudimentary PSF support, dunno if the timing is correct and mini-psf's are currently not supported. More stuff regarding psf's hopefully soon. ^_-
  • Implemented correct retirement of mapped registers in the translator.
  • Changed gpu dma timings, to fix weird glitches in some demos.
  • Fixed error on SLL/SRL/SRA translator conditions when shift = 0
  • Fixed incorrectly translated signed compares (const vs const) during conditional branching.
  • Fixed various FF9 crashes (i.e ending sequence)
  • Fixed bug on compressed image (bz/isz) decompression routine, previously undecompressable/unplayable images can be played/decompressed now.
  • Fixed cdr core error handling routines when sectors are unreadable.
  • Fixed cdr core "ReadS", so it does not do any retry. DOH.
  • Added cache/read-ahead to internal iso (binary) reader for faster access.
Updated the package with the new P.E.Op.S Plugins as well. A little warning, various parts of the core were rewritten inorder to improve stability and compatibility, but in doing so new bugs might have inadvertedly crept into the core. So if you encounter games that don't work in this new version but worked on previous versions, please report the game to me. You can thank or blame CKemu for the logo.

Well, i guess that's it for now. Have fun.  

   :: cdrXeven V0.93 - Update Xeven 05/10/2003 at 7:00 PM
  • Fixed the ASPI problems with Win9x/ME, it works with the default drivers now. But although you dont need to use ForceASPI anymore, installing it is still recommended.
I've also updated the PSXeven v0.16b full pack with the newer cdr plugin version.

   :: cdrXeven V0.92 - Update Xeven 05/07/2003 at 5:00 AM
  • Fixed the cdr CDRgetStatus export function, this caused the crashes when running in Win2k/XP/NT.
I've also updated the PSXeven v0.16 full pack with the newer cdr plugin version.

   :: PSXeven V0.16 rev B Xeven 05/01/2003 at 6:30 AM

This release fixes various stability issues with the recompiler. This made games exhibit really weird behavior, like being to play a game sometimes but next time it just wont start. I've uploaded an "exe" only zip file and a "full" package.

   :: PSXeven V0.16 WIP Xeven 04/29/2003 at 5:00 AM

Okay, this release is basically for some stuff that didnt make it to V0.15
  • Fixed SW interrupt handling, Jackie Chan Stuntmaster works well now, and some other games which use the SW interrupts will work now as well. :)
  • Fixed cdrom core to make PE2 work again, i broke some things along the way -_-
  • Fixed RE3, "easy becomes hard" setting bug. This made the "easy" game difficulty level "hard" :P
  • Fixed opcode SLLV constant mapper, fixed Crash bandicoot warp, "walk thru walls, fall then die" bug.
  • Changed plugin loader, PEC works now :)
  • Fixed more cdrXeven problems with IOCTL, i hope.
  • Minor Changes to recompiler MTC0/MFC0.
  • Inuyasha-NTSC also works now.
Okay, that's it for now. Have FUN.  

   :: PSXeven V0.15 WIP Xeven 04/24/2003 at 5:30 AM

Okay i didn't plan for this release coz I'm still working on something, but i'll be a bit busy in a while so i might not be able to work on it anyway. So i decided to release whatever i have right now. Here are the changes:
  • Fixed cdrom plugin interface, inorder to be able to use cdr plugins that dont support CDRplay/CDRstop.
  • Fixed pandemonium, gpu_software screen "bobbing". Still doesnt work right in opengl.
  • Corrected mdec timing, this fixes mdecs for ToE(TO2), dino crisis, Rival School 2 and a lot more games, no need to use the "whackedmdec" option anymore to avoid the "slideshow" mdecs.
  • Correct exception priority level emulation.
  • Correct vsync update to irq timing. (thanks to linuzappz ;))
  • Fixed "unable to load/share/open iso" error when iso is marked read-only (internal iso plugin).
  • CdrXeven fixes, including better error handling and Interface autodetection. (i.e wont crash and send your pc to hell anymore if your aspi installation is unsuitable)
  • Fixed ff9 battle menu flickering with pete's software gpu.
  • Corrected opcode MTC0 for proper R/W bits handling for COP0 registers.
  • Added support for custom logos (tnx to CKemu for the new one), you can find some more logos from kiraseed and some more guys in the NGEmu forums.
  • Corrected savestate problems regarding gamecode detection.
  • Added savestate support for manually loaded psx-exe's
  • Added support for PADpoll/PADstartPoll export funcs to support vibration (Harakiri Pad plugin).
  • Correct MDEC RL block initialization (caused crashes).
And some more which i can't remember. :P Also we've switched the forums over to www.EFx2.com, you can go there but not necessarily to discuss emulation stuff as well. Have Fun.  

   :: PSXeven V0.14b - Savestate Fix Xeven 04/11/2003 at 4:00 AM

Sheez! another one  . Well i didnt do enough testing with the new savestate format and now that i played some games i realized its not being loaded correctly. So this version fixes that  . I uploaded a full pack as well as an "exe" only zip file. You can find them in the download section. ;P

   :: PSXeven V0.14 WIP - "BATARD Keys" Change Xeven 04/10/2003 at 12:00 AM

Uploaded a newer version where you need to press ALT+Numpad-X to access the batard keys. I forgot some guys use these keys as controller buttons..

   :: PSXeven V0.14 WIP - PLEASE READ!! Xeven 04/09/2003 at 9:30 PM

Okay i let this one slip pass me  . But there's some fun keys with the PSXeven 0.14 version. I used these functions to create the wacky and weird pictures of games i posted in the ngemu and emufanatics forums. I'll just call them the batard keys :P THIS ONLY WORKS FOR 3D games and doesnt always work with all 3D games as well. Here are the Keys:
  • Numpad 4 - Decrease x-bias
  • Numpad 5 - Decrease y-bias
  • Numpad 6 - Decrease z-bias
  • Numpad 7 - Increase x-bias
  • Numpad 8 - Increase y-bias
  • Numpad 9 - Increase z-bias
  • Numpad 0 - Reset to defaults.
Okay, hope you have fun with these, hehe  . Here's a sample screenshot as well ;P

   :: PSXeven V0.14 WIP Xeven 04/09/2003 at 7:00 AM

Okay, been while since a release. Changed my mind coz Hikari beat my ass to a crisp. ;P I can't remember some of the fixes/changes done from V0.13, though here's some of them:
  • Corrected 8bit/16bit MOV/MOVSX/MOVZX emitters (terrible bug, caused crashes in lots of games)
  • Fixed constant maps for 3 operand-register-type opcodes.
  • Added correct timing for PAL games (i hope).
  • Overall, more accurate vsync timing. (not yet tested thoroughly, some games will show faster/slower frame rates vs 0.13)
  • Optimized load/store operations.
  • Corrected cycle counts for load/store operations.
  • Fixed savestate creation issues.
  • Added Samurai Deeper Kyo fix.
  • Added commandlines "-runcd" and "-runiso xxx"
  • Added "Force Change Disk" option for manual CDROM/ISO disk change, you can do a cd2cd, cd2iso, iso2iso, iso2cd disk change. Note, newer cdr plugins will still do the cd2cd disk change automatically. Removed F5 function key.
  • Correct savestate naming when disk got changed.
  • Minor speed optimizations.
  • Updated package with the new P.E.Op.S spu version.
There you go, im still looking for bug reports as always. Just lay off the BS. ;P Also, some side projects might be coming soon, note soon is a relative term and might take forever. :P

   :: PSXeven V0.13 WIP Xeven 03/13/2003 at 4:00 AM

  • S.M.O.O.T.H 

   :: PSXeven V0.12 WIP Xeven 02/25/2003 at 10:30 AM

Okay release time, more changes, hehe :p
  • Fixed bugs in RTPS/RTPT (RR4, "black shadow" problem)
  • Added temporary patches for Tekken2 JP/NTSC, fixes totally screwed graphics. (will be removed later, when correct fix is implemented in the rec)
  • Fixed "runaway" cdrom read bug, which screwed up timing.
  • Removed "normalized cdrom timing", not needed anymore.
  • Fixed VH2 game, works in software only, doesnt seem to work in opengl. (thnx Cless)
  • Minor speedups and added some speedhacks (tell me if i screwed up some games okay? ;p)
  • Fixed PE2 MDEC (environmental) bug which crashed game before Akropolis area.
  • Fixed MDEC flag settings during DMA's.
  • Total code overhaul, well not apparent to you guys, but made major changes to the code. This might have screwed some games so tell me if it does. :)
Have fun :p

   :: PSXeven V0.11 download file update. Xeven 02/18/2003 at 11:00 PM
Okay, i screwed up the download files so i had to re-upload the zip file. While i was doing that, updated the files as well :P If you downloaded the file during the last 12 hours, please re-download it again.

   :: PSXeven V0.11 WIP Xeven 02/18/2003 at 1:00 AM
Okay more bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed incorrect textures and depth clipping (THP2)
  • Fixed random poly glitches for some games, thanks to linuzappz. (Crash Bandicoot, GBA2 etc)
  • Fixed incorrect coloring bugs caused by CC. (i.e. RR4, still some issues)
  • Correct sound restoration after pressing ESCAPE.
  • Fixed savestate creation bug for Tokimeki. ("PSXeven\states" directory needs to be there or savestates will not be created.)
  • Added path saving for most recently accessed cdrom image, savestate or psx-exe.
  • Added support for snapshots. (press F8).
  • Added null spu plugin.
  • Improved autodetection routines for cdrXeven.
  • Fixed opengl/d3d "i hear the sound but i dont see anything" bug.
Thanks to CKemu for identifying various problems, as well people who have been e-mailing/posting about issues. :)

   :: PSXeven V0.10b bugfixes (again) Xeven 02/14/2003 at 7:00 AM
Okay various issues have been brought up, mainly GUI problems. So i just had to fix them and release a new version :P Anyhow, this version mostly fixes issues regarding crashes on exit, (i.e. spuEternal) as well as missing hotkeys for gpu plugins and window focus issues.

   :: PSXeven V0.10a Fast WIP Xeven 02/13/2003 at 7:00 AM
Okay, fast wip release. Fixed savestate bugs/menu bugs on gui, added "Run psx-exe" function and fixed GTE to make games like Looney Tune work right. Thanks to spajdr. :)

   :: PSXeven V0.10 WIP Xeven 02/12/2003 at 7:00 AM
Ahhh... release time, after much procastination.. i finally decided to release a version. Well, there's still a hell of a lot of stuff to work on, but i cant seem to do a whole lot lately due to work. So i decided to make an official release. This is the first release, so i dont have much to say. Please read the accompanying "READMEORDIE.TXT" file. Generally, current emulation status is at around 60-70%, but some games should be fully playabe (hopefully). Also i need to thank linuzappz, psychojak, expert, liquid, Keith, Pete Bernert, CKemu, for all the info/ help/tools/website/plugins/artwork. Course, this list is far from complete and though i'd like to thank them all in this post, im just going to say thank you to all the people who helped me with this emulator, especially the beta-testers. You can find yourselves in the "about" box :P

To whoever uses the emu, i'd really appreciate any feedback. Most specially bug reports and/or suggestions. The only way i'll be able to fix anything is if somebody tells me there's something wrong. So feedback will be greatly appreciated. But above all else, hopefully you enjoy.. just dont expect too much from it. You can find the emulator in the download section.


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