SNES to JAMMA interface 
I designed an adapter board that polls two SNES controllers and outputs their state to a JAMMA wire harness, so you can use them to provide input for an arcade game. It uses a PIC12F675 and a few shift registers, so it can be put together fairly cheaply.

PCB layout, PIC source code, and instructions:

All inputs, including service, test, and tilt are mapped to the controllers. LEDs are also provided so you can see the state of the coin meter and lockout outputs if needed.

UPDATE: Two issues came up with the design:

1. The meter/lockout LEDs don't work. I didn't realize these signals were +12V instead of +5V. I'll see what can be done about this.

2. Regular arcade controls leave a switch open when an input isn't pressed. Rather than simulate this by tristating the input in question, the adapter board drives it high. In all cases that I can think of this shouldn't cause any problems as the inputs typically go into an optocoupler or TTL buffer. But it's something to consider.

I've tested it with a large number of PCBs and all inputs function properly. Plus you get the advantage of being able to use rapid fire controllers, great for those button-mashing games.

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