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Berserk llama attacks woman in Central Oregon

01:08 PM PDT on Thursday, September 13, 2007

Associated Press

TERREBONNE, Ore. -- Nancy Campbell of Terrebonne expected an uneventful evening jog Monday night with her eight-year-old daughter riding along on her bike.

Instead she ran into a llama suffering from what veterinarians call "berserk llama syndrome."

The llama knocked Campbell down, stomped its feet, spit, and bit her. Her daughter raced home to tell her father what was happening.

Staff from the Humane Society of Redmond arrived and it took five people to pin the 250-pound animal down. Veterinarian Dr. Rachel Eaton says male llamas sometimes go "berserk" around puberty if they aren't gelded. This, often after they have bonded too closely with people.

The owner of the llama says she adopted the animal a month earlier from an animal rescue agency. She gave veterinarians permission to euthanize the animal the day after the attack.