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Windows Vista Is AMAZING!

Posted by anotherguy on 2nd October 2007

I bought Windows Vista about a month ago…and guess what, despite what most people say, I LOVE it! Allow me to give you some of my favorite thoughts on the new Operating System.

UAC control- At first, I HATED this aspect of my new computer. It would pop-up every time I wanted to install a new program or hardware or even change a setting in my advanced properties and settings. But now, I’ve learned the alue of it. There are quite a few viruses and spyware gizmos out there that try to hack into computers and change things. Luckily, though, with UAC, you can know if someone or something is trying to access your computer and change something. Basiocaly, it’s annoying when no one is ever trying to get into your computer. But when it ops-up when you don’t want it to…that means someone or something is in your system that you might not want to be.

I used to use Gmail, iTunes, Picasa, Firefox and Thunderbird for all of my software gadgets. Why? Windows was so….boring, annoying, glitchy, and hardly any of it worked together! But I’ve changed my mind on this too! Windows Live is now better than it ever was. It integrates your contacts, calendar, email, and windows messnger all together so that they work flawlessly together. Email just looks and acts so much cooler than ever too, with drag and drop option and folders. There’s a lot of other good stuff, too, check it out for yourself!

Windows Office 2007 is flawlessly perfected in every aspect. It’s easy to get used to, or maybe not for some people, but onmce you do, you won’t ever want to use something else. Life is so much simpler with 2007 updated software. You can now post to your wordpress blog directly from your Microsoft Word Document without even loading Internet Explorer 7. It even adds in all of the Titles, Categories and Tags without a prolem! Windows Media Player is nice, too, works quickly, uploads all of your CD information as you rip it, and basically does everything that iTunes does. There arn’t really any special gadgets with it (that I know of) but why get iTunes when you can use Windows Media Player without a problem?

Can’t forget to mention the new Windows Media Center.  This is a great tool for Parties and Get-Togethers. It gives you access to TV, Movies, Music, Pictures and even more! All full-screen, beautifully designed, and works well with Windows Media Player.

And I haven’t really even gotten to the VISTA part! Eye-candy is amazing, new folder layout is perfect, start menu and real-time search is sweet, and it flows so much nicer than XP. I’d say that there’s no reason to choose a MAC over Vista now. The only reason you might have problems with your vista is if you’re trying to upload it onto an older computer or trying to use Ancient Software. I’vehad no problems with it yet, and I’m a web-developer, music junkie, and picture sharer.

What are your thoughts?

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