Side One Dummy (March 20, 2007, worldwide)

1 Steady Riot
2 Noise ComplaintClick to listen to this song
3 Shining On
4 Souped-Up Vinyl
5 Deadpan Face
6 Snakebite
7 Strictly Rude
8 Try Out Your Voice
9 Hell On Earth
10 Fly Away
11 Breaking The Bottle
12 Raw Revolution
13 Relocate The Beat
14 The One
15 She Knows Her Way

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Noise Complaint EP
Side One Dummy (2007, worldwide)

1. Noise Complaint
2. Souped-Up Vinyl
3. Half Way Home

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split CD / LP w/ Brain Failure
Bad News Records (2007 US, Japan)

1. Brain Failure - "Coming Down To Beijing"
2. Brain Failure - "Living In The City"
3. Brain Failure - "Time To Go"
4. Brain Failure - "Fall In Love 2006"
5. Brain Failure - "City Junk"
6. Brain Failure - "Youre Gonna Die"
7. Big D and the Kids Table - "Faded"
8. Big D and the Kids Table - "Taking Back the Rhythm"
9. Big D and the Kids Table - "(Im Yours) Boston"
10. Big D and the Kids Table - "Running Young"
11. Big D and the Kids Table - "Digging In Your Nails"
12. Big D and the Kids Table - "Ruin You"

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Springman Records (2005, US)

1. Salem Girls
2. Shes Lovely
3. Oo Ie Yah
4. Baby Don’t Cry
5. Salem Girls (dub remix)
6. She’s Lovely (stripped down)
7. Salem Girls (instrumental)

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Springman Records (2004, US)
Household Name (2004, UK)
Sound System (2005, Aus)
Dude Records (2005, Japan)

1. The Sounds of Allston Village
2. L.A. X
3. New Nail Bed
4. If We Want To
5. Flashlight
6. Girls Against Drunk Bitches
7. You Lost, Youre Crazy
8. Bender
9. Safe Haven
10. Youre Me Now
11. Voice Alone
12. My Girlfriends On Drugs
13. President
14. Cuteshow
15. Little Bitch
16. We All Have To Burn Something
17. 175
18. Chicago
19. How It Goes
20. Moment Without An End

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Fork In Hand (2003)

Four songs by two bands. Never before has such an unsual team up made such an amazing combination. Listen to Japanese Noise-Core junkies Melt Banana cover Toots and the Maytals while ska punk champion Big D covers ...

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Fork In Hand (2003)

The Bizzle Dizzle's back with the most fun lovin' Hip Hoppin' Gansta Rap CD you have ever heard. Thats right, Gansta Rap. Now the infamous tape that has been circulating the underground scene since 2000 is available on CD. Hear all your favorite tracks from Shot By Lammi and Goodluck in the most Ghetto-fabulous CD available. Chock full of phat beats, dope scenarios and a whole lot of blunts! Get with it and get Porch Life.

1. Pizza Pie Intro
2. Intro Cuts
3. In Front Of Me (40's)
4. Stupid Mizzind
5. Muthafuckin' Big D
6. Phatmothafucka
7. What! You Punk Mothafucka
8. 51 (live!)
9. Fire Stada
10. Cold Hard Cash
11. Ahh Big-d-ooh Big-d
12. Stovetop Freestyle
13. Big-d's Deelite
14. I Wanna Touch That Bum, That Big Ol Bum
15. It's Dat Trick
16. The D

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Fork In Hand (2002, US)
LP Stomp Records (2002, Canada)
LP Household Name Records (2002, UK)

The Gipsy Hill EP is Big D's 4th release on FIH and the strongest yet.

1. Checklist
2. Evil Girl Angry Girl
3. Wailing Paddle
4. Great Song
5. Those Kids Suck
6. What The Hell Are You Going To Do?
7. Find Out (Three Sheets to The Wind)
8. Scenester
9. The Difference
10. New England

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Good Luck
Asian Man Records (1999)

10 piece ska band from Boston, MA. High energy music that will knock your socks off. Their live show gets rave reviews, so get this and hear for yourself. Find out what all the fuss is about.

1. Myself
2. 5 Kids Down
3. G.L.D.
4. Are You Just Scared?
5. Fatman
6. She Won't Ever Figure It Out
7. Take Another Look
8. Find Out
9. Can't Be Caught
10. I'd Rather
11. Apology
12. Dirt Lip
13. Learning To Listen
14. 51 Gardner
15. {Good Luck}

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Shot By Lammi
split CD w/ Drexel
Fork In Hand (1997)

Big D & The Kids Table/Drexel split CD "Shot By Lammi." This is the first release of Both bands, and Fork In Hand Records first release too. It is a real Jem! Big D Has 11 songs that are packed full of fun dancable craziness. Big D combines Ska/Punk and many other styles that make up their unique sound. This one is a must have.

1. In Front Of Me
2. NNH
3. Draw The Line
4. Jeremy
5. What?
6. Quiet Room
7. Stupid Mind
8. Giving It Up
9. Conserve
10. Hey
11. Tommy

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Live ep
Fork In Hand (1998)

Live EP featuring ten guys crammed on a small stage that's been sold out for years.
Look What You've Done
split CD w/ Five Knuckle
Household Name Records (UK, 2003)

Some UK thing that happened across the pond.
split ep w/ Lounge
??? Records

Very rare stuff.