Sunday, 12 August 2007

Snakes for S60 3rd Edition - Video

This is quite an old S60 game, it was first released for the original N-Gage way back in 2004. However, it was a huge hit back then, receiving probably the best reviews and most media attention of any S60 game ever released. The S60 3rd Edition version is just as good if not better thanks to the higher resolution graphics, the game is totally free so there's absolutely no excuse for not downloading it, and I thought it deserved a place in this blog's archives. There's a wonderful purity and honesty about this game: there's no scenario or setting, the graphics are excellent but aren't in any sense realistic, and the only reason you'd play this game is because it's fun.

You can download Snakes for S60 3rd Edition from various sources, including the Download! service on your S60 phone and the support page for your S60 phone. If you can't find it through either of those channels, try going to the Nokia 5700 support page's Games section. The Snakes file on that page should work fine on any S60 3rd Edition device.

The original N-Gage version (which only works on the original N-Gage and N-Gage QD) can still be downloaded from the official N-Gage site's downloads section.

Unlike the original N-Gage version, the S60 3rd Edition version has support for the Snakes online scoreboards removed, but judging from the Next Gen N-Gage publicity screenshots it looks like that support will come back when the Next Gen platform launches.