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Pokémon Stadium - Pika Cup

Pika Cup


  1. Choose six Pokémon to enter.
  2. You must use up to three Pokémon per battle.
  3. Entry Pokémon must be between the levels of 15 and 20.
  4. The three Pokémon in each battle must not exceed a combined level of 50.
  5. No two members of a team can be put to sleep by an attack. No two members of a team can be frozen by an attack, but you can freeze one Pokémon and put another Pokémon to sleep.
  6. Selfdestruct can not be used if you're on your last Pokémon, since you'll lose the battle if you do this, no matter what.
  7. Mew may not attend.
  8. Winning a battle without losing a Pokémon would result in an extra continue for the winner.
Qualifying Pokémon

Click here.

Pika Cup Battles

Round 1, Round 2