Pirate Guy Costume

What you need.

Ragged slacks or shorts.
Optional vest.
Bandana or scrap cloth
Optional cardboard sword.
Optional hat made from paper.

You have lots of flexibility here so look through your closets to see what might work. Wear a white longsleeve shirt. Or, just use a white or bright-colored T-shirt. You can cut slits into the sleeves to give a ragged look. Add a vest (an old button-down shirt can be cut into a vest pretty easily). Wear or make a big wide belt or tie a bright sash around your waist. If you don't have pants that'll work, consider making some out of a striped or bright-colored sheet (use a pair of your pants as a guide, cut the fabric a couple of inches wide all the way around so you can keep the pants loose, sew, or staple and cover with masking tape). Accessorize with an eye patch and hoop earring.  Tie a sash around your head or wear a bandana.