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Atlantis is another notable field in BP’s burgeoning deepwater portfolio. To produce the field, BP designed a 58,700 metric ton semi-submersible platform with more than 18 wells.
As one of the largest discoveries in the Gulf of Mexico, the BP-operated Atlantis project is expected to come online byt the end of 2007. Drilled in some of the deepest waters to date – 4,000 to 7,000 feet – Atlantis' field size, water depth and reservoir structure make it among the most technologically challenging developments undertaken by BP.

Geologic formation

The geologic formation of the reservoir caused engineers to rethink the field’s drilling and production system. Unlike Mad Dog and Holstein, Atlantis will be drilled and developed using a Mobile Drilling Unit (MODU) that allows BP to re-enter wells as needed and provides flexibility in choosing well locations.
MODU also helps simplify many of the challenges associated with Atlantis’ well count, water depth and subsea topography.

Largest and the deepest

To produce the field, BP designed a 58,700 metric ton semi-submersible platform with over 18 wells. Operating in more than 7,000 feet of water, Atlantis is also the deepest moored semi-submersible platform in the world.
Production capacity is estimated at 200,000 barrels of oil per day and 180 million cubic feet of gas. Despite a subsea salt canopy that makes imaging the reservoirs difficult, development drilling by MODU is expected to yield valuable information about the reservoir impossible to obtain from seismic studies
Oil and gas will be transported to existing shelf and onshore interconnections via the Mardi Gras Transportation System.
BP is the majority owner in Atlantis.

Atlantis at a glance:

Start Date: 2007
Platform Design: Semisubmersible
Block: Green Canyon 699
Platform Production Rating: 200,000 barrels of oil per day
180 million cubic feet of gas per day

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