Monday, October 29, 2007

Disaster: Day of Ubisoft's Wii Problems

The team at Ubisoft Paris behind the Red Steel working on Red Steel 2 for a fall 2007 release date and had the majority of the game finished, until marketing and executive types declared the game to be crap. Because of the declaration, development was transferred to another team at Ubisoft Paris, who has been forced to start work on the title from scratch (for a fall 2008 release), having to redo pretty much everything, and there has been a number of "layoffs." Development on the title is being described as a "nightmare."

Also, Nintendo really did not want Rayman Raving Rabbits 2 to come at the same time as Super Mario Galaxy, since their game had a stratosphere of buzz and the limbless guy's popular party might disrupt sales of SMG, Nintendo tried anything they could do to refuse to give their approval; for example, in one instance, they said that one of the clouds in the game was shaped like Pikachu.

UPDATE #1: Bonjour Ubisoft over and over, three four five hundred times plus. Like a Francis Veber film.


Ski said...

Hey Surfer Girl, your blog is a very entertaining read since i found about it.
So, i noticed that your initial posts where not gaming related at all, but very political... are you keeping this mixed content style? (You got very interesting info on both sides :D)

So, when you know something about that rumored new Zelda for Wii you`ll let us know right?

surfer girl said...

ski: Thanks. Yes, I plan on having a mixed content style.

And rumored new Zelda title for Wii? It's happening. Multiple titles. But the new big, epic Zelda for Wii is probably about two years away.

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is unrelated to the recent blog post but I was wondering if you have any information on the MMO that Square-Enix is working on. Do you know what universe it takes place in? Status of development?

surfer girl said...

anonymous: It's not Final Fantasy.

Tony said...

Surfer Girl, what do you mean by "multiple titles"? Do you mean that there will be more stuff like Link's Crossbow Training? Do you have any other details on them?

Anonymous said...

Tony, I know that there is two Zelda WiiWare titles in the works and one major title. This is not an anomaly, WiiWare titles based on Mario, DK, Metroid and the litany of other franchises that Nintendo has are in the works.

surfer girl said...

Tony: Interesting, I knew about Mario and Zelda, but Donkey Kong and Metroid titles are news to me. I know that Nintendo is working on over 30 WiiWare titles.

Ski said...

May i say you are becoming my favorite blogger really fast?Now why do you share all this info? There are no repercusions to you? Of course you are intriguing people, but what will be more interesting is to see if these companies react to you.

EddieValiant said...

Ahh geex it's right there in the title, I'll bite - do you know what's going on with Disaster: Day of Crisis?

And since you seem to know lots of Ubi stuff (and apparently some movie stuff too) .
1) do you know how the PoP movie is progressing? It seems to have disappeared from the pre-strike lists.
2) And if so, how closely will it tie into the Sands of Time trilogy?
3) Will Michael Bay will ruin it with about 50 slow-motion chariot crashes? (In the early pre-strike priority lists that have been floating around, Bay was not listed as the director)

surfer girl said...

EddieValiant: Disaster should see release by next summer.

1) The PoP movie is still targeting a July 2009 release date.
2) It will not follow the game (Sands of the Time) that closely, it is pretty much definite that anything from the later two games in the trilogy is not going to make it up on the screen. As far as Hollywood is concerned, it is only one game.
3) Michael Bay is not directing, he may serve as a producer, though.

EddieValiant said...


2) Do you know what direction the movie is headed then? I thought I had originally read somewhere that Disney was turning their gaze towards PoP as their next PotC-level franchise; I assumed since the first movie is 'Sands of Time' that it would mirror the first game, with the franchise (if it ever found legs) following suit with the rest of the trilogy.

3) So glad Bay isn't directing anymore. Any rumblings on who the new director might be? Personally I'd like to nominate Gore Verbinski as it would be neat to see the PoP world brought to life with as much detail as PotC (and on top of that - David Belle NEEDS to be the Prince).

Also another quick question (because I'm heinously taking advantage of your knowledge of the inner-workings of Ubi):

Any chance at all for Beyond Good and Evil 2?

love the blog, keep up the good work!

surfer girl said...

EddieValiant: There are no plans to use anything from the rest of the trilogy for the potential sequels (I'd think it is blatantly obvious why that is). They are indeed planning to make a franchise out of it. There is no director currently attached (there is a number being considered, Verbinski is not one of them) and, to my knowledge, the script has not been turned in. Because of that, production is currently at a standstill.

Anonymous said...

eddie, BG&E2 currently being worked on.

surfer girl said...

anonymous: Who would be working on this? This is not one of the three titles Montpellier is working on.
Also recommended is visiting my other, dissimilar blog such things that never was