A Year In The Life

This Series started as a Secret Santa Fic and has exploded with a life of it's own.

It begins with the revelation Loki didn't stop with creating a clone of Jack O'Neill. He created four children with cloning technology and various combinations of DNA from SG1 and Janet Frasier. Loki had also been experimenting with his own little breeding program 20 odd years before--that resulted in one Alexander LaVelle Harris.

The insanity only builds from there. The stories are listed in order but each can stand alone.

Below is a list of "The family". Regulars in the stories include Wesley Wyndham Pryce, Connor Angel, General George Hammond and Paul Davis visits from various other of the show casts. Notably Thor, Bra'tac,and Jacob Carter/Selmac, amongst others.

all stories rated 15 overall warnings for a bit of language and adult humor, slayer-style violence and general insanity.

Clan SG-1

  • Jack O'Neill - 2IC of the SGC and CO of SG1
  • Jonathan O'Neill II - botched clone of Jack O'Neill, appears about 16 yrs old leader of SG27
  • Xander Harris - Jack's oldest son, survives Sunnydale to land at the SGC, member of SG27
  • Zayn O'Neill -Jack's son with Laira of Edora. extremely precocious three and a half year old
  • Chase Kowalsky - Born Charles Tyler O'Neill, on an alternate earth.
  • Daniel Jackson - linguist and archaeologist, member of SG1
  • Nicholas Jackson O'Neill - one of the four children made by Loki's cloning experiment, genitically the son of Jack and Daniel
  • Janet Fraiser - Chief Medical officer of the SGC
  • Cassandra Fraiser -Janet's adopted daughter, age 17
  • Remy Fraiser Jackson O'Neill - second of the four children made by Loki. Appears about 12-13, genetically the child of Daniel, Janet and Jack
  • Teal'c of Chulak - once first prime of Apophis, now a member of SG1
  • Rya'c of Chulak - Teal'c's son and member of SG27
  • Tah'ri'auc - infant daughter of Teal'c and Ishta of Ha'ktyl
  • Mjr. Samantha Carter - 2IC of SG1, astrophysicist
  • Sha'ra'ac Carter O'Neill - third of the children created by Loki with cloning technology, genetically the child of Sam, Teal'c and Jack
  • Jacob Carter Fraiser Jackson O'Neill -last of the four children created by Loki, genetically the son of Jack, Daniel, Teal'c Sam and Janet
  • Shifu Jackson- the Ascended Harsesis child born to Shau're Jackson, Daniel's stepson

The Stories

  • All I Want For Christmas--Loki's at it again, what's more is he's done it before. Xander's real father challenge, with a few extra twists.
  • Happy New Year--Clan SG1 and friends celebrate the New Year.
  • Valentine's Day--Valentine's Day at the SG1 ranch. Pete gets a few surprises.
  • So Much for R and R--SG1 is MIA and Paul Davis' much looked forward to leave just went out the window.
  • Luck of the Irish--Saint Patrick's Day...and just what sort of Snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?
  • Cassie's Revenge--PG--Cassie's had enough of the big brother routine. TtH 20 minute April Fools Challenge ficlet.
  • Mother's Day--PG13--Mary O'Neill comes to Colorado. Parts 1-3 Parts 4-6 Parts 7-9
  • Exercizes in Creative Writing I: Colonel Hargrove--Hargrove gets stuck writing up the events of Mother's Day.
  • Get A Clue, Already--Divine Intervention, Cordelia style. YitL cross with the Sentinel.
  • Mirror Mirror--SG1 and SG27 take the long way home from a mission spreading their insanity through a few realities, while back home the SGC gets some unexpected arrivals. Prologue, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Epilogue
  • SGC O'Neill Orientation--Paul attempts to explain the O'Neills to the newly arrived international troops.
  • Recruiting Dr. Beckett--Xander and Alex go to recruit a certain Scot for the SGC.


  • Wardrobe Malfunction--200 word drabble written for TtH Wardrobe Malfunction challenge.
  • Pretend to Fish --200 word drabble written for tthdrabbles community Summer Nights Challenge.
  • Rockwell-- A quiet summer evening at the SG1 ranch. Sam/Pete
  • Why Did I Ask?--Teal'c and Andrew debate Star Wars.

    Snippets of Insanity--odd bits and pieces that didn't quite make it into the main stories.
  • Scissors and Glue--Zayn O'Neill makes Valentines. Originally cut fromValentine's Day
  • That Rabbit is *Clucking*--Bra'tac doesn't get Tau'ri Holidays.
  • Girl Talk Cassie and Dawn IM chat immediately after Luck of the Irish
  • *headdesk**headdesk**headdesk*--Sam gets another one of *those* emails from Andrew.
  • Anniversary of an Apocalypse--Xander remembers Anya and life in Sunnydale with Cordelia on the aniversary of the final battle with the first. Set immediately after Mirror Mirror
  • Training--Faith, Ishta and Neith show Andie, Shara, Nesa and Kar'yn how its done.
  • Sparky--Faith's new "baby" is nearly destroyed. It's Siler to the rescue.
  • Teething--Tah'ri and Xander


    Family Trees by nibbled_2--these connect to the stories above to help keep straight the chaotic clan as it grows.
    All I Want For Christmas
    Happy New Year
    Valentine's Day
    So Much for R'n'R
    Luck of the Irish