"Little Witch Meg", or "Majokko Meg-chan", as it's known in Japan, is a magical girl series that ran from 1975-1976, and is considered an important influence on all magical girl shows that followed.

The story is about young Meg, who is in line for the throne of the Witch Kingdom. However, before she can claim that throne, she must learn more about life and is thus sent to live with a former witch named Mami. The reason I say "former" is because Mami gave up her life as a witch to marry and have a normal, human family, which is now made up of her husband and two children, her son Rabi and her daughter Apo. How does Meg get to stay with the family? Mami bewitches her family into believing that Meg is her oldest daughter.

However, that doesn't mean life will be easy for Meg. First of all, in the witch world, there are no such things as families, so it is very difficult for Meg to adjust to the responsibilities and emotions that go along with family life. Second, she is not the only one in line for the throne of the Witch World. Her rival, Non, is also in the human world, and is under the tutelage of Mami's rival! Which girl will win the right to the throne and become the next Queen?

What sets this magical girl show apart from the others is that before Meg, all magical girls were sweet and innocent to the core. However, Meg is somewhat of a tomboy, and has a penchant for see-through nightgowns. "Majokko Meg" is also the first magical girl series to include a rival to the main character.

What surprised me most about this series is that it runs the gamut of themes. The first episode mixes slapstick and ecchi humor with a very touching, dramatic climax. Following episodes include episode-long magic battles, stories about Meg and her friends at school, and situations with Meg's "family", with a little lesson built into each episode. So don't let the panty shots fool you. I've rarely seen such a good combination of fanservice and heart. I watched one episode (the first of the second season), and got addicted (Thanks Bill!). I hope you'll enjoy this series as much as I do!

Other Interesting Facts

For those of you who might recognize the character designs, they're by Araki Shingo, the character designer for "Pretty Soldier Sailormoon", and the first half of "Rose of Versailles". In fact, "Sailormoon" fans might recognize some references in "Sailormoon R" and "Sailormoon SailorStars" to "Little Witch Meg"!

Many of Meg's facial expressions, and background music from the show, were recycled into the "Candy Candy" anime, which aired two years later! Which is another reason I chose this project, while I'm waiting for "Candy Candy" to come out on DVD (since the lawsuit is finally over).

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