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New 'Prison Break' to Be Filmed in Dallas

Fox is bringing its acclaimed drama "Prison Break" to the Metroplex. The television network on Monday said it will begin filming the second season of the show on June 15 in the Dallas area.

"Prison Break," which won this year's People's Choice Award for new drama and a Golden Globe nomination, follows Michael Scofield, a prison designer played by Wentworth Miller, who gets himself imprisoned so he can break out his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), who was framed for murder.

The inmates escaped near the end of the first season, which was shot around Chicago.

Producer Garry Brown has a home in Dallas and said he chose the area because a wide variety of settings were available from rural to urban, all in close proximity.

It's one of several filming projects anticipated for the city.

The city is still courting the planned movie remake of the long-running TV soap opera "Dallas."

HBO will feature the city in "12 Miles of Bad Road," a pilot comedy series about a wealthy Dallas matriarchy.

"A House Divided," a potential ABC series starring Dylan McDermott, finished filming its first episode in Dallas, and cable's Lifetime Movie Network is shooting "Inspector Mom," a detective series, in the city.


Information from: The Dallas Morning News,

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