Population and Nationality
    According to the result of the third population census, the population sum total of Ahshan is 3.584 million. The city of Haicheng has 1.1811 million people; the town of Tai'an has 354.7 thousand people; the town of Xiuyan has 491.9 thousand people; Tiedong district has 452.9 thousand people; Tiexi district has 311.6 thousand people; Lishan district has 425.6 thousand people; Qianshan district has 366.2 thousand people.
��In the all of the population in Anshan, Han nationality is 3.0205 million; the minority nationality is 563.5 thousand. The minority nationality is composed of the Man nationality, the Hui nationality, the Miao nationality, the Zhuang nationality, the Tujia nationality , the Xibo nationality, the Yi nationality, the Buyi nationality, the Da'er nationality and other 38 nationalities. The population sum total over 10 thousand is Man nationality, the Hui nationality and the Chaoxian nationality. The Man nationality population distributed over Xiuyan Man regional national autonomy area, the population sum total is 519.4 thousand; the Hui nationality population distributed over all over area of Anshan , the population sum total is 23.4 thousand; the Chanxian nationality mainly distributed over Tiexi district and Qianshan district, the population sum total is 10 thousand.
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