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Da F.A.Q.

What is Phantasy Star?
A very good question! Phantasy Star, otherwise known as PS or Phanta, was Sega's first attempt at making a role-playing game way back during the time of the 8-bit Sega Master System. In doing so, it broke all the rules that are usually followed in the genre. First off, the main character, Alis (or Alisa Landeel being a more precise translation) is female, and while pretty, was still something of a plain Jane. This is fairly unusual in videogames since in almost all cases the female is treated as an exploitable sex symbol. Also unusual was her motives. Unlike more 'noble' heroes, Alis swore revenge on the ruler, Lassic (La Shiec), who was responsible for her brother's death at the hands of his robot police force.

The land was fairly open ended and was not too particularly linear which meant you could wander into zones that were more dangerous than your party of four can handle. Also, the battles were animated and you can watch your enemies attack you. And of course, there were the first-person pseudo 3D mazes that were in the original alone. Set on three planets in the Solar Sytem of Algol, the graphics still hold up fairly well to these times. It can be enjoyed even today, for those who have the patience. To learn more about the orignal series, click
Well, then, what is Phantasy Star Online?
PSO is a multiplayer online roleplaying game for the Sega Dreamcast that allows people to meet up and play. Four people can then start a session and work together in battling against a horde of monsters in an action RPG environment. Several side activities include feeding your stat enhancer, the MAG, or searching for rare weapons and items. Of course, the real appeal of the game is the new people you meet and hang out with over the internet. That's the real reason why players come back for more even after all four bosses have been defeated several times in every skill level.

As for it's storyline, The game is set in another Solar System than where the original series was held, but several hints and links tie it loosely to Phanta. It's kept as brief as possible, up to a fault. On the other hand, the game's graphics are the best found on the console albeit with the occasional slowdown, and the soundtrack is worth having by itself.
What is Phantasy Star Online version 2?
My you're getting repetitive! ^_^

To answer, PSOv.2 is an update of the original PSO. It includes a new skill level with new monster variants and a continuation of the story. It seems in this new skill level, Ultimate Mode, the Pioneer 2 is orbit in Ragol's atmosphere. At any rate, there are also new weapons, new MAGs, and several new game modes, including a Player-versus-Player game and Lobby Soccer which can hold up to 12 people. There are also two new stages, but are meant only for the PVP Battle Mode. There also more online quests to be done in the game as well.

The other major difference is that PSOv.2 is pay-for-play. The precise cost is 1200 Yen for a 3 month license, which while variable to the U.S. dollar, will never exceed $15 / 3 Months.
Will Phantasy Star Online arrive on other systems?
Expanded versions of the game have been made for Gamecube and the X-Box. These versions contain even more elements than Ver.2 including three new character classes and a new main quest with original levels. They also feature a 4-way splitscreen for local players. Oh, and those new character classes are HUcaseal, RAmarl, and FOmar!

A version of the PC has been made, which is a clone of Ver. 2. The PC version has translation support for Korean and Chinese added on along witht the five others. The PC is far more popular in those regions, especially Korea, than in Japan.

The title for the Gamecube and X-Box version is Phantasy Star Online : Episode I & Episode II. They are virtually identical, except that the X-Box will have voice support and requires X-Box Live.

Finally, a third standalone game of PSO will be coming out for the Gamecube. It's titled Phantasy Star Online Episode III : C.A.R.D. Revolution and will not contain the original gameplay despite using the same save file. Instead, it will be a card game.... Oy. Still, Sonic Team says that it will finish the main storyline of PSO somehow. So, those who want to seek the answers to some of the various theories in the game may want to check it out.
Where does PSO take place?
On the planet of Ragol and the Hunter's Deck of Pioneer 2. Other major locations is the ruined Central Dome and the gaming levels. And technically Pioneer 1 is another important area though the ship is stated as missing by the NPCs ingame. Whether Pioneer 1 is destroyed, taken over, or took off somewhere else is unknown.
When does PSO take place?

*SPOILER NOTE* I now consider the visible theory invalid. Highlight this box to reveal the more likely event.

The time is still relatively unknown. However, the downloadable quests and the Ura Ending for Episode 1 suggests two things.

1) The Pioneer crews are Algolian in origin, sometime after Phantasy Star 2.

2) However, the Ruins are unrecognizable at first to those uncertain to the Pioneer Project's true agenda. That is because the Ruins originated from Earth. In fact, it is the spacecraft Noah sealed by Lutz. The Dark Falz is the resurrected one that Rolf Eusis battled, except now no one is armed with pure unalloyed Laconia, the spiritual metal, to keep it dead for long. Even worse, the real objective of the project is apparently to retrieve the homicidal Mother Brain, perhaps in a desperate attempt to restore the failing homeworld in the Algol system.'d have to ask that. The general belief I have found is that the citizens of the Pioneer ships are from the Algol Solar System which would be in sync with the original series. However, neither the Algol System nor the planets there are ever specifically mentioned by name anywhere ingame. There is a scene in the opening movie of a satellite orbiting a dying planet and the survivors came from homeworlds but other than that, the Algol system has been suspiciously toned down.

Plus, the discovery of Dark Falz is treated as a total surprise despite being in every other game. Of course, that could be explained as the relative inexperience with the dark force. After all, it strikes so rarely, if consistantly, in Algol's history.

This has led to rumors such as that the Pioneer crews are refugees from Phantasy Star III's worlds or are totally unrelated to the original series completely. My personal theory is that the Pioneer ships are actually the ancestors of another set of refugees found at the end of Phantasy Star II before their encounter with Dark Falz. However, if this is the case, for it to work in continuity PSO would be before any contact with the Algolian races, which would also mean that this is also Phantasy Star Zero!

The ruins are referred as a crash site from an unknown civilization. Plus, the columns and the sealed door to the ruins (found in the offline quest) feature three symbols which may represent Motabia (Red), Dezoris (Blue), and Palma (Green).

Furthermore, behind these symbols is yet another set of symbols that are identical to each other. A picture of one from the sealed door is enhanced to the left. This symbol is very similar to ones found in the Algol system. Notable examples are worn as accessories by the wizard, Thray Walsh, and the Esper, Shiess Tierney. This means that these symbols and thus the columns, sealed door, and the ruins are likely Algolian in origin.
Also, if the crew of the Pioneer 1 contains a scientific crew as reported, this means that if they were Algolian as well, this symbol would particulary have been recognized and found in historical records. Since the only known facts obtained by Pioneer 2 are from the tenuous source of messages from Red Ring Rico and her discovery of the military excavation, then stating the Pioneer Project was headed by Algolians or not is too inconclusive to confirm either way if based on just that.

However, an ending from PSIII refers to a contact with the PSII refugee's world. That would explain the appearance of Algolian items such as Meseta, Naula Cakes, and the Laconia Alloy. It might also explain why Naula Cakes are banned as they may be unsuitable to the diet for the Pioneer 2 crew. Also, most of the Algolian technology in PSII came from the subtle manipulations of these refugees. That would also explain why Newmans and Androids could exist before Nei and Shiren did.

Most important of all, the backstory of the PSII refugees is extremely similar to the Pioneer crews.
They left their ruined home on a last-ditch attempt for survival and discovered Dark Falz, a being so dark that they could not resist its evil influence. Oh, did I forget to mention that the PSII refugees are evil? Don't forget what happened to Kireek and the other Hunters in the final offline quest.

At any rate, let's hope updated versions of PSO answers these questions once and for all!

How do I create my character?
First off, you will choose "New Game" at the startup menu. Then you choose a VMU to place your character in. Keep in mind you are only allowed one character for each VMU you use despite only taking up 15 blocks of memory. Then you can watch the intro movie, or skip it by pressing Start.

Now you will choose your class and that class' physical characteristics. For androids, you can only adjust your head, body color, and proportion, but living beings can adjust a few more features. Simply choose which item number for each feature you like best. The hair color is composed of three RGB (Red, Green, Blue) sliders, and Proportion is handled by a grid that determines heigth and girth. Finally, type in your name and select OK. Your section ID will be assigned according to what you typed.

Now choose Offline or Online mode to begin playing. Online Mode will ask you to enter your registration keys when you first starting playing with that fellow. Just check your PSO CD case, type it in, and forget about it. Your character is simple to use, but can be confusing at first with so many options readily available. The most important thing is that you customize your interface, so you can perfrom six tasks of your liking instantly. There are also options to make Symbols to communicate quickly, and Macros (shortcuts) that can be assigned to your controller and your keyboard. But most importantly of all, read your manual. It will save you some trouble.
What is that wormy thing floating to the side of me?
Ah, that would be your MAG. It is essentially your virtual pet that you can take care of throughout the game. Every five minutes or so, they become hungry and you can feed it three of your hard earned supplies. Doing so will increase its levels up to a maximum of 200. Most importantly, a well fed MAG will enhance your character's base stats. MAGs evolve into two specific forms depending whether you are a Hunter, Ranger, or Force. During those times, a new photon burst will be added to your MAG. The photon burst is like Final Fantasy VII's Limit Break. Basically, you take or cause enough damage where your gauge maxes out and you can preform a quick summoned attack.

After all three photon bursts are available, the evolution is further effected by your Section ID and the order in which the POW, DEX, and MIND stats are in from greatest to least. However, by this point, you have to be fairly choosey what to feed your MAG. Items will both raise and lower your MAG's potential, though you will never lose a level in the process. MAGs come in all colors, even in evolved forms. And rare MAGs can be created under certain conditions by using a Mag Cell though they are extremely hard to find.
What is this Section ID assigned for me?
The Section ID is assigned to you according to what you type into your name. The characters including the spaces are all assigned a numer and then totalled together. Then the far right number determines your ID. The different IDs are Yellowboze, Whitill, Viridia, Greenill, Skyly, Bluefull, Purplenium, Pinkal, Redria, and Oran. The IDs are each assigned a different techer who will identify your items differently. Also, your ID is considered to be part of Group A or B which can affect your MAG's evolution chain in two distinct ways.
What is that wierd text found throughout?
You know, I haven't seen an RPG use an alternative text since runes were used in the Ultima series on the computer. It's actually English but the alphabet is so distorted into a techno form that it is difficult to understand fully. The Book of Hunters settei provides an accurate comparison for the numbers and alphabet used in PSO.

Also, since it is almost impossible to see ingame, the Book also provides the text found in the summoning circles for Photon Blasts. Even though it is in broken English.

Who is that cyan android that pops up around here?
That's Isis Mk. X who is something of our mascot and tends to pop up a lot. She's a little hard to understand, but she could probably explain herself better in her Journal.