Is Bruce Willis a Talkbacker? - UPDATED

Something fishy, but undeniably entertaining, has been going on over at AICN for the past few days. Faithful readers of both FDM and AICN will know that myself and AICN’s Vern, uber-fans of all things Willis (I even own BLIND DATE on DVD), wrote impassioned pleas to prevent FOX from giving Live Free Or Die Hard a PG-13 rating. Is Bruce responding (to Vern anyway) himself? Read on for details.

After Vern's rant appeared, another story appeared on AICN, concerning Harry getting a phone call from Bruce. Apparently Bruce wanted to do some sort of Q&A/chat with AICN, similar to what Sly did for Rocky Balboa last fall. That much we know is 100% true.

But in the talkback for Vern’s article, a poster named Walter B has began posting, claiming to have seen the film and that despite the PG-13 rating, it is just as action-heavy as the other three, and that the ‘line’ will indeed remain intact (MPAA supposedly allows 2 usages of the word ‘fuck’ in a PG-13 film). After awhile, the poster began more or less admitting that he was in fact, Bruce himself (Bruce’s real name is Walter Bruce Willis). This was all but confirmed today when Walter B’s posts were given the “black box” that is synonymous with site admin personnel (i.e. Harry, Mori, Vern). It seems unlikely that they would do that for a crazy poster. But at the same time, Walter B is VERY blunt about other folks in Hollywood (“Fuck Joel Silver”, for example) which is not like Bruce at all. In the mid 00s, Bruce ran his own website and posted frequently, and was always very diplomatic and never slammed anyone personally, which makes a strong case for the ‘its not him’ side.

Either way, it’s hilarious. I stand by my claim that a PG-13 Die Hard film can not possibly hold up to the others and that FOX is doing the franchise a huge disservice by saddling the film with that rating (see my entire original rant HERE), but if nothing else, it has given us this amusing time-killer.

I should also note that Walter B expresses disdain for Michael Bay. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I consider Armageddon to be one of the finest films ever made, so whether it’s him or not, that part made me sad inside.

Whatever the rating, Live Free or Die Hard opens June 27th, 2007.

UPDATE - After telling my good friend Jay about the situation, he became the 1st to irrevocably prove that it IS indeed Bruce Willis posting on the talkback. Using Ichat, Bruce sent him this pic, which Freezedriedmovies is now hosting for the world to see.

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  1. Homewrecker says:

    Okay. Walter B is indeed real. props to him and die hard4.. Unfortunately the bloated, pretentious, mom's basement brigade of is STILL FAKE!!! Yippy ka-yay AICN, you mother fakers!! HOMEWRECKER WILL RETURN IN 2007!! the mother of all battles will begin this summer!!!

    Comment (1)

  2. stalkedtoast says:


    Comments (2)

  3. Annemiek Felthuis says:

    Get a life! It is too short to be wrecking your home for it.


    Comments (3)

  4. Jonathan says:

    That's really cool actually. Really cool. Makes you wonder what other celebrities read and post like this.

    Comment (1)

  5. sean says:

    When he said "Fuck Joel Silver", he wasn't saying "Fuck Joel Silver"; he even pointed that out when somebody else said that he said that. Somebody said that they needed Joel Silver to make 'Die Hard' awesome, and he said "Fuck Joel Silver, this one is as good as the first or better."

    he also said that he and Joel Silver are still cordial/friendly, but he hasn't worked with him in a long time.

    A better example of him slamming stuff was that he said he Michael Bay was a jerk who yelled all the time and he would never work with him again.

    Even better, somebody said 'Perfect Stranger' is the worst movie Willis has ever been in, and Willis responded "I agree with your assessment." He said the producers fucked that movie over by re-cutting it for PG-13. That's amazing to me because the movie is either still out or just disappeared.

    Comment (1)

  6. Jimmy Dean says:

    the artist taking back the artform? Now that's what the internet needs...

    Comment (1)

  7. Anonymous says:

    what the fuck

    Comments (7)

  8. Joabes Santos says:

    Cara o bruce willis é um grande ator,assitir a varios filmes dele e ainda vou assistir estou loko para assitir duro de matar 4.

    Comment (1)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I want BW to have my children. And I'm a male.

    Comments (7)

  10. Anonymous says:

    You are probably BW himself.

    Comment (1)

  11. Borat says:

    I like Sex

    Comment (1)

  12. BoratWorshipper says:

    wow borat, i like sexi times too!!! waawaaweewaa!!

    Comment (1)

  13. WalterB says:

    you two get a f**king room!! man wrestlers!!

    Comments (4)

  14. Sam says:

    Hey Bruce,

    Did you get a chance to listen to that DIE HARD Music Video on you tube... i know FOX had them take it down, but great song ehhh?

    Comment (1)

  15. Rosetta says:

    Your cool Bruce I'm impressed, let me know if you get this message...looking forward to Die Hard 4

    Comment (1)

  16. Jim says:

    Just want to chime in as a fan. Bruce you rock. You act well... don't over act and I even loved ya when younger as a detective. Ya got personality man. You appeal to me as a dude I'd have a beer with. Keep taking roles that let you be yourself because those roles are who ya are and it really comes through.
    I don't care if it's another diehard but get your ass working so I can enjoy some more of a joe like me action hero stuff... that is what it is and it's great.
    Keep on keeping on! Your success is deserved!

    PS. that pic above with you on cam is hilarious... those damn things make us all look so cheesy. Almost like a fisheye lense. I like ya even more now that I see your not so damn full of yourself as we think most actors are. It adds even more to the average joe super hero persona you act out so well. Love it man, keep it up.

    I find it pretty cool you're gonna read this heh.


    Comment (1)

  17. Natalie Portman says:

    Hey everybody! Go see my movie, My Blueberry Nights.

    Comment (1)

  18. vuzman says:

    @FMD/BC: You think "Armageddon" is one of the finest movies ever? I was going to comment on that, but I don't know what to say. I'm speechless!

    Comment (1)

  19. BC says:

    Armageddon IS amazing! How can you not like a movie that gets Bruce Willis to save not just a building, or an airport, but the entire f-ing world????? It's genius!

    Comment (1)

  20. OhGodCome says:

    I like sticking cock up bums.

    Comment (1)

  21. Ferhat """"""""""" says:

    Long live Bruce and cant wait to see for DH3...
    Go Go Go...


    Comment (1)

  22. Walter B says:

    Thanks for the support guys. My isight cam does a pretty good job huh....

    To: Rosetta - i got the message!

    Comment (1)

  23. Vets!! says:

    Keep up the good work are definately one of my favorite actors of all time(up there with Al Pacino & J. Depp!) Now your my favorite(especially because your a Mac user!) haha Hope you still have many more awesome roles in store for us...take care!

    Comment (1)

  24. Martin says:

    Bruce Willis, you are the man! Or as we say here in Sweden, "Du *äger*, Bruce!"

    Comment (1)

  25. Logan says:

    lol, Bruce Willis, that is so rad. You are my favorite acter of all time. My favorite movie has gotta be The Fifth Element, you and Milla were rad together and your rad in anything else. You rock really fuckin hard and is always awesome to see actors and such are just people.

    Comment (1)

  26. kenp says:


    I would like to see if you would consider reading my latest screenplay, CHASING TIME.

    In CHASING TIME, a CFO caught up in an Enron-type scandal is released from prison only to arrive home to find that his family has suddenly vanished. He struggles to find them while being hunted down as the number one suspect in their disappearance (thriller/crime).

    Ken Pietrusiewicz

    Comment (1)

  27. Amy_B says:'re!!! ;-)

    Comments (2)

  28. Amy_B says:

    Would you like to say a "hello" for my birthday? :-) ...

    Comments (2)

  29. Tord says:

    Do you like the "Matrix" movies and did the producers ever ask you to play Neo before Kenau Reeves got the it?

    Comment (1)

  30. Keanu Reeves says:

    No, the whole movie was written for me. I was considered for Die Hard as McClane though.

    Comment (1)

  31. Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino says:

    "Neo. You scared the b'Jesus out of me." - cipher

    I'm not sure if THE Bruce is still reading or not, but anyway, i'll comment. If you check my CV, you will know that I am the 2nd IAB member (Internet standardization committe, IETF, sterring board member) from Asia, yes, from Tokyo Japan, where all geeks get together in Akihabara.
    i'd love to have a chat or two with Sgt (or Lutienant?) McClane, and from the above, you know that I'm 2nd Internet Samurai or Shogun, who really want to be the Internet El Che - yes, Ernest Che Guevara.

    please bug me on for iChat session, whenever JST and PDT (or EST if you are in NY) are reasonable.
    i'm taking full disclosure policy, just like you did on full disclosure is an important factor for computer security researchers/professionals, so I really wanted to see Sgt. McClane to take the action. Yes, you rock my world ("Never been kissed" reference - is romcom too sweet for you?).

    i really am a movie geek, i can give you enough quotes from Die Hard, but for now, i just used The Matrix quote so that I can be original (i guessed you've seen enough Yippi-Kay-Yey references by now). Right now I only say that, in Japan, LH or DH is titled "Die Hard 4.0", just like Web 2.0, which is a buzzword for Google Map and those kind of staff.

    PS: funny that you made Gray's Anatomy referrence - I used the copy of the book (which is the re-print of year 1901 print) to certify my sanity to doctors in Keio hospital - that i'm really like Hannibal the Cannibal.
    PPS: Sgt. McClane totally beats Clarice Sterling so I won't eat you alive.
    PPPS: did you know that El Che is not a communist? neither am i.

    Comment (1)

  32. Ben Nelson says:

    Hey Mr. Willis.. This is wierd, Check this out. I'll be able to tell people Bruce Willis looked at my website:
    Let me know if u do.. Thanks
    I don't even know if u check back here, but hey it's worth a shot

    Comment (1)

  33. Monica Dumoni says:

    Hello, Mr. Bruce Willis

    I'm glad You took the time to reply to the fans, however I don't understend why is that You, don't take the time to respond/talk on the KinsBlivingRoom, I'm asking because I really don't understand, is that not I'm office site?!?

    Comment (1)

  34. Zombie74 says:

    Yo Bruce!

    I thought you rocked in Unbreakable. Just one of the coolest, most original superhero portrayals ever.
    And John McClane is the most rock-n-roll of all the modern day American action heroes.
    So...brass tax. How much cabbage would it take to get you to kick Mel Gibson's ass?
    See when I was a kid I bet my friend Pete Bernardski the upwards of a million dollars that McClane could take out Riggs from Lethal Weapon.
    If yer in I'll split the take with ya.

    Comment (1)

  35. Carrie says:

    Hey Beebub...

    Remember me? I am the one who made you the scrapbook! It has been SO long since we talked. How are you? I miss our chats.
    Please contact me.. you have my email.


    Comment (1)

  36. Bill G. says:

    Hi Carrie -

    I received your reply. I'm not sure if we ever met. However, we may have and I don't remember because it's awhile ago.

    Also, I do have an e-mail for a Carrie, but I'm not sure if it's for you (unless there's an e-mail hint that you could give me). Otherwise, I'm not sure how to connect with someone on a one on one basis because this is a public forum.

    If there is a way, please let me know and I'll be happy to get back to you.



    Comment (1)

  37. Anonymous says:

    walter b should post here.

    Comments (7)

  38. Rendwich says:

    Not that Walter B. has any reason to care about my opinion, but his best movies have numbers in the titles: Twelve Monkeys and 16 Blocks. They have it all - exceptional direction, plot, dialogue, cinematography, character, action and acting.

    The comment from "Ms. Portman" cracked me up.

    Comment (1)

  39. rslux says:

    @Rendwich -- and my own BW fave, The Fifth Element, also has a number in it. :-)

    Comment (1)

  40. Tord (not turd) says:

    Hey Bruce, we also love you here in Sweden! :-D I agree to "Twelwe monkeys" to be the one of the best movies. Mr Pit was kind of Pale in that movie compared to you.

    Please visit Sweden sometimes with your Rockband!


    Comment (1)

  41. BlAcKhArT says:

    woW.BW.coOl .The Last Boy Scout .g8t moVie.

    jeppe ya ya mother fucker! =Ps. DH3

    Comment (1)

  42. Rising says:

    Damn, was I surprised to read the possibility of my fave actor posting on some message boards. I have all three Die Hards on DVD and I'm looking forward to Die Hard 4. Keep up the good work, man.

    Comment (1)

  43. akerins says:

    Bruce, you rock!
    In a world where nothing is what it seems, that you would actually come out and discuss your movie shows your level of commitment, and that you believe in the movie.

    That you made the movie at your age is awesome too, shows that you don't have to be twenty something to be an action star. I thought Armageddon rocked as well, and the devotion showed from father to daughter was as great as all the action.

    Love the bald head, especially since I lost my hair from chemo! Who needs long hair anyway!

    Comment (1)

  44. Neo says:

    Bruce Willis is the Anti-Christ

    Comment (1)

  45. Alan Fisher says:

    Now here's something you don't see every day!! Bruce (Walter lol) I am indeed impressed, you stood up for yourself, mate so hat off to you! A lot people trash your movies but then go and watch them....go figure....personally I'll be honest, I may not fall in love with your next outing as John McLain but I'll watch it.

    Comment (1)

  46. Fricka says:

    Thank YOU for posting the pics. I loved the talkback (read it all) and the look of your friend's face is priceless! LOL.

    Comment (1)

  47. blipoids says:

    Haha, so cool! respect to mr. Bruce W.
    Maybe i'll see this one, although i'm not really an action movie fan..
    Cheers everyone - from Romania/Europe :-)

    Comments (2)

  48. Godlikez says:

    Is it truely Bruce Willis?

    If so you just won my respect and admiration.

    Comment (1)

  49. Alek says:

    Hah this is great. As an actor, I can appreciate Bruce's situation. In the end, we're normal people. Of course I'm nowhere near his level but just because you're rich and famous doesn't mean you don't want to join in the rest of the human race on the internet once in a while. Does status like that have to mean that you don't use a computer? Good on you Bruce! F*ck the disbelievers... :-)

    Comments (2)

  50. Alek says:

    yes, and ROFL @ the other guys face in the videoconference! :-D He's like "omfg"... :-D

    Comments (2)

  51. bugfaceuk says:

    I'm certain many celebs do this, or at least the cool ones do. I've always been a big fan, although Unbreakable was just a breath taking performance. As others have said, perfectly understated.

    Anyhow, kudos to you Mr Willis.

    Comment (1)

  52. Sylvester Stallone says:

    Hey Bruce - don't let them suits talk you out of a R rating. Wanna join Rambo V ?

    Comment (1)

  53. blipoids says:

    YES! well, i read a bit through the talkback thread... I think we are running out of doubts about him really being Mr Willis... Let's hope the movie hits this part of the world in time for me /us to post a reply to WB ;-)... wouldn't want his interest to run out.

    Comments (2)

  54. Jay says:

    Mr. Willis. whats up man? i worked on set for Die Hard 4.0 in bmore and the stunts are gonna be incredible as you already have seen. you should email me and help me get another PA gig, i've been doing working as a production coordinator for indies and want to get back on a big set. email me.

    Comment (1)

  55. Sharon Stone says:

    Hey Bruce, you've got it. Wanna party with me in my mansion?

    Comment (1)

  56. Anonymous says:

    WTF? You had a chat with BW and you didn;t even record it?


    Comments (7)

  57. Alejandro Tortolini says:

    Walter B for ever!!
    God bless to all that makes good action movies, like ALL Die Hard!
    Greetings from Argentina, Bruce!

    Comment (1)

  58. M says:

    Hi all!
    First of all I'd like to say, that I don't really understand the fuss about the rating. It doesn't count a bit ... at least in my country :-)

    Mr. Willis!
    I'd like to ask some things in private. If you are open to a conversation, please inform me!


    Comments (3)

  59. EU|Personal Geasus says:

    what are these "ratings" you speak of

    Comment (1)

  60. Andris says:

    no comment :-)

    Comment (1)

  61. HugeVideo says:

    [url=]Hi, great site you can visit. Free DVD, Video, MP3 download.
    I hope, you enjoy our site.[/url]

    Comment (1)

  62. John McClane says:


    Your cool Walter B. I like all Die Hard episodes. After DH 4 film, will make the fifth Die hard some time or other?

    Comment (1)

  63. gomez says:

    Hey Guys. Dont have to go crazy just because B was here. We are looking forward to wach the new movie. Most of us hopfully wont download it.

    But what the point is:

    Bruce: Can u tell me what kind of lamp what u have on the background? I would like to buy a similar one:)

    Comment (1)

  64. Mosin says:

    if a movie is rated PG-13, that would mean that it was restricted with the amount of action and language

    which equals to....less fun

    im sorry mr.willis, but I for one was looking forward to a great "yippe kye yay mutherfucker" being used often in this movie with people's heads blowing off after

    best of luck to the release though, and superb work nevertheless

    Comment (1)

  65. Hylas says:


    Let me pitch you, like I'll ever - possibly get another chance [You're thrilled - I'm sure] {hey! me - 25 year M.P. veteran}
    Read this: [technical - IT] see contact at bottom
    Have I got a story for you.

    [me] ... you do what you can.

    Comment (1)

  66. Andreas Johnsen says:

    Hi Mr. Willis -

    My name's Andreas, I'm 21 y.o., live in Denmark and work in a kindergarden. I read about this 'phenomenon' in a Danish paper - I would've never guessed that actors and alike, started using the Internet for blogging etc.

    Thumbs up for the 'down-to-earth' attitude towards this, Mr. Willis! I find it quite interesting to be able to hear your opinion on things, directly from yourself. It tends to make everything 'real', in contrary to the edited statements on dvd and such...

    Keep up the good work - lookin' very much forward to your upcoming 4.0!

    All the best,

    Andreas Johnsen
    Denmark, Europe

    (P.S. a little reply from you, sometime, would be a very nice memory)


    Comment (1)

  67. Boven says:

    Cool, Hope he is staying on the World Wide Web ;-)

    Comment (1)

  68. LoveBrucey says:

    i'd soooooooo date Bruce Willis (even though i'm only 20yr old). He's a god!!!

    Comment (1)

  69. duel says:

    i dont think it should rate as PG-13, lets face the reality that people are expose and used to hear the word f*ck and even say it for sometime,,, maybe it's such an expression that adds color to the movies...

    let everyone see the movie...

    Comment (1)

  70. andron13 says:

    OMG :-)

    Comment (1)

  71. PD says:

    Congrats on the new film. Looking forward to it.

    -PD (and LM)

    Comment (1)

  72. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to view the comments?

    Comments (7)

  73. ScreenerChick says:

    Thanks for letting the rest of us enjoy his chat with you. And just one comment about his bluntness... he was honest in the chats on his website so I could tell it was BW just from his comments. He says it like it is, straight from the heart. Always kept it real.

    Comment (1)

  74. WalterB says:

    Thanks for all the support guys. I appreciate it.

    Comments (4)

  75. WalterB says:


    Comments (4)

  76. Annemiek Felthuis says:


    Thanks for the great red carpet and afterparty in the London Cirque last wednesday. Great fun! Too bad I did not get a change to toast with you. Ofcourse If you had to toast with everybody you would be waisted hahaha.
    Anyway, thanks again taking the time to see us all! If you are ever in Holland give me a call!

    Loads of hugs and kisses, your friend from Holland
    Annemiek :-p

    Comments (3)

  77. Annemiek Felthuis says:

    Hi Walter,

    Comments (3)

  78. M says:

    Hello WalterB!

    Would you be so kind, to contact me at: ?
    no press, just a "fan" :-)

    Comments (3)

  79. WalterB says:

    Hey M
    If you have any question please ask it here. I dont contact my fans via mail because i am very limited by time and i can answer just one fan at time. Here i can post something and everybody can see it.

    As for the next Die hard movie. Lets dor now concentreate on this one. I dont know when will the producers decide to shoot next movie, what kind of the script will they write and so on. As i said on the forum never say never but at the moment i am not thinking about playing in another one.

    Oh yeah someone asked me for the meaning of my mail address. I can just say it has something to do with my old country.
    Die hard fans should know whati it is.

    Thanks BW

    Comments (4)

  80. stalkedtoast says:

    will the real BW please stand up, do we seem to have 2 WB's here? 1 who is linked to myspace and 1 who isn't!!

    Comments (2)

  81. Bill Galea says:

    Hi Bruce -

    I'm a graduate of Montclair State College from back in 1977. I moved on campus towards the end of my junior year in 1976(Bohn Hall) and then moved into the Clove Road Apartments my senior year (1976 - 1977). Needless to say, we definitely know some of the same people from back then and probably both have good stories to tell about the Rathskeller.

    I'm not sure if you'll ever get this message or how I would know that you responded to it. However, I caught this discussion when I was searching on the internet and I thought that I'd give it a try.

    It's nice to know that someone from MSC made it to the Big Time.

    Hopefully, I'll meet you someday down the road. By the way, I'm also left handed and I'm proud of it.

    Take care.


    Bill (aka Wild Bill at MSC)

    Comment (1)

  82. monica says:

    Hello, Mr. Bruce Willis

    Thanks, for all the movies that You have done in your life time, I must say that I love them all(although my favourite still Six Sense). To me, You Mr. Bruce are, the best artist since Mr. beloved Marlon Brando. I look forward to see "Die Hard IV", and John McClane my own Imortal Hero.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

    Comment (1)

  83. M says:

    Hokay, I understand, no problems :-)
    The Whole Ten Yards is on air tonight, and I just love it! Do you plan to continue this?
    Anyways, if you're coming to hungary, you just need to ask for an undercover tour guide :-)

    Comments (3)

  84. feisty says:

    Couple years of sanity and then there's Bruce on the net again! Sheesh. hahahaaa

    Comment (1)

  85. Anonymous says:

    walter b, you should post a hello to your fans on this site too!

    Comments (7)

  86. Anonymous says:

    Looks like he was right, the movie KICKED ASS

    Comments (7)

  87. Blur says:

    Yo B!

    Comment (1)

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