Honors seminar precipitates creation

of interdisciplinary major

The Honors junior seminar “Underwater Pottery: Why it doesn’t work” was the inspiration for the new interdisciplinary major recently approved by the UCA administration, Underwater Basket Weaving. The requirements for the major include the following:

  • The History of Asian Basket Weaving

  • The History of African Basket Weaving

  • The History of European Basket Weaving

  • The History of American Basket Weaving

  • Scuba (with lab)

  • Advanced Scuba (with lab)*

  • The History of Diving

  • Drawing I

  • Design I and II

  • Ceramics (to understand other vesicles)

  • Fibers

  • College Chemistry I and II (to determine pH of the water)

  • CAD – Computer Aided Design

  • Underwater Basket Weaving I, II, III, and IV (with labs)**

  • Faculty Review I (sophomore review)

  • Faculty Review II (junior review)

  • Faculty Review III (senior show)

  • and two of the following:

  • Theoretical Basket Weaving

  • Basket Weaving of the Future

  • Possibility of Zero Gravity Basket Weaving

  • Advanced Basket Weaving

A graduate program in Underwater Basket Weaving is currently in development. The major program was designed by Cheri Fineye and Joseph Jose of the UCA Psychotic Department.

Due to the nature of the students that this program is likely to attract, the newly formed department has requested that all applicants be screened with brain scans, and aggression tests.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program will be officially inaugurated in the spring semester of 2004.

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