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Fallujah ambush of American Mercenaries engineered by Mossad

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3 - 29 -2004







Mercenaries from Blackwood Security are killed


This ambush was a setup


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  Mossad trained Arabs hit the two trucks  

                 Snipers in buildings

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The background

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Mercenaries were traveling in two vehicles, escorting a food supply truck for the U.S. military air base in Habbaniya, near Fallujah, when Arabs attacked firing RPG's. Witnesses said the vehicles stopped at an intersection when gunmen opened up from a nearby shop and rooftops. Both trucks were hit simultaneously with RPG's. They were then dragged from their cars, mutilated, stoned, burnt, beaten with iron pipes.

Another man gave a chilling description of how the men were dragged from their car, begging for their lives. "They had gasoline splashed on them and were set alight," he said.
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Photographers were there in minutes

By pure luck photographers were standing by to start photographing everything.

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Israeli terror teams appeared instantly

Terrorists paid Iraqis to hang bodies while photographers snapped away






Various specialists question attack

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These mercenaries are ex-Green Berets and Rangers and I find it hard to believe that two groups could be hit without firing a shot. I question the source of information on their routes.

It's well known that Israel is providing 'Advisors' to help the Americans and it would be advantageous for them to start hostilities between US troops and civilians.





Very similar to the Gaza ambush of three CIA personnel

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A caravan of five CIA vehicles was traveling near Gaza City

The remote-control roadside bomb went off around near Beit Lahiya in the Gaza. At 10:15 a.m. Wednesday U.S. Embassy's three-car convoy had just cleared a checkpoint and entered Gaza when an explosive device tore apart the second armored vehicle

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The CIA in 3 cars , escorted by military vehicles is on main road in Gaza. First two cars pass and third targeted by a massive remote control bomb. Four CIA agents are killed.






A likely scenario

$ 2,000 GPS auto tracking unit

Installed on cars, and displayed the moving targets on a laptop


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The ambush was planned weeks in advance. These units were installed - the trucks sent on a predetermined route, where Mossad operatives monitored the vehicle progress, and relayed it to the ambush team captain.

The question is who was this mysterious contractor ?

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Israel advises Bush to seek revenge

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US tanks block entrances and exits around Fallujah.

Israeli advisors are telling US to set up checkpoints , do house to house searches and arrest any militants.

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Bremer the so called " Overseer " promises that many Iraqis will pay




Blackwater's Revenge

Blackwater Helicopter Ambush

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