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Kexi 2007.1

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What's new?

Easy data search

New "Find" window in Kexi 2007.1 enables easy data search for your tables, queries and forms. There are various options available like setting search direction or limiting it to a given column.



New actions for form buttons

Now you can quickly create a button which moves you to next data row, or shows table or query, or even print specified data. All this without need of programming or using macros.



Database templates

Use "New Database Project From Template" to create a new database from selected template. There are built in templates: Movie Catalog and Addressbook.



User mode

Kexi 2007.1 contains "--user-mode" command line option allowing to switch off all commands related to editing project's design mode. Only data editing and adding is left in User Mode, what makes it easier to deploy Kexi-based applications for end-users.



Images on printouts and preview

Images can be now printed and displayed on the print preview.