Mossad Downs Helicopter Carrying Mercenaries









An Israeli sub-contractor, using BlackWater Mercs, sent them from Baghdad to Tikrit. A GPS unit was placed in the cargo hole, the Mossad was given the coordinates, and Israeli undercover operatives were in place to shoot down the helicopter.

Ask yourself: ~~ Out of hundreds of copters flying out of Baghdad daily, just how did the "Insurgents" know to target this one?

They even had a video crew ready!










Missile hit helicopter and  killed eleven

A commercial helicopter chartered through a Canadian company was shot down by missile fire north of the Iraqi capital Thursday, killing 11 people, including six American Blackwater contractors, officials said.

The helicopter was owned by Bulgaria-based Heli Air, said SkyLink air operations manager Paul Greenaway. The helicopter was flying to Tikrit, he said.












Who Is Blackwater?

$ 150,000 a year Mercenaries that are former Seals, Rangers and Green Berets.











Blackwater seeks revenge for helicopter


The day after the helicopter was shot down, there was a massive car bomb attack on a Mosque. Rumors are flying around, that a Mossad agent may have prompted Blackwater to seek retaliation.










Previous Blackwater incident

Blackwater contractors were sent in a small caravan, to a rendezvous in Fallujah. There are only two bridges into the town, and Mossad agents hit them with RPG's at these choke-points. As with the helicopter incident, there were camera crews in place, and filmed an incident where Iraqis beat and strung up the bodies.

 The last incident involving Blackwater, resulted in the massacres at Najaf and Fallujah.











Blackwater's revenge for Fallujah was brutal

For the Fallujah incident, the four contractors were handpicked. These were some of the most famous and decorated veterans of US military special operations units.

Israel made sure the word got around on their horrible deaths.


Scott Helvenson








Israel has Mossad agents, as well as IDF special operations personnel, operating all over Iraq. Their goal is to fragment Iraq through chaos. They stage false-flag attacks to cause sectarian strife, and to try and turn world opinion against the Iraqi people.

Mossad specialties include car bombings of children at school, mosque bombings, bombings of Christian churches, and also introducing illicit drugs onto the streets of Iraq. Mossad agents will also orchestrate heinous false flags attacks against US personnel, to further villify the Iraqi people in the minds of the American public.

Mossad agents, working with IDF special forces operatives, executed over 50 Muslim civilians, dumped their bodies in the Tigris River, then had Iraqis informed that it was Blackwater contractors who done the massacre. This massacre was a psy-op to ratchet up tensions and hatred towards Americans.

Then, a Blackwater team was sent on a mission where Mossad operatives were waiting with a Strela-7 SAM, and they shot the helicopter down, executed the survivor and blamed it on Muslims by posting a video of it on a phony "Islamic" website that is controlled by the Mossad.

The result of all this carnage is that everyone is killing each other so the Israelis get an oil pipeline to Haifa.




Video of execution

Extremely graphic .... Shows crash site an execution of Blackwater mercenary.




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