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Seto No Hana Yome
This first episode is free to download
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While visiting his grandmother, an ordinary teenage boy named Nagasumi Michishio almost drowns in the ocean off the coast of Seto Island. Fortunately, he is rescued by a mysterious mermaid-like figure. That night, however, he and his family are kidnapped by a strange group of mafia members. Nagasumi finds himself in the underwater home of the mermaid mafia boss, Seto Gouzaburou. His daughter, Seto Sun, is the mermaid who had saved Nagasumi. According to mermaid law, however, if a mermaid's true identity is revealed to a human, one of them has to die. The only way out is if they get married...
· Seto No Hana Yome
· Being A Guy Sure Is Tough
· The Story of the Ring
· The Targeted School
· Island Near To Heaven
· Clash
· The Boy Who Hunts Akuma
· Visitor
· Love Slave
· Missy, please go easy on me!
· Man of Steel
· The Poem of Love
· Armageddon
· Battle Runner
· The Story of the Kitten
· Minority Report
· What is Your Name?
· Prefectural Police Vs Gang Violence
· Gate of Flesh
· There is no business like show business
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