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Fumie Hosokawa's triple trouble: single, unemployed, and possibly preggers

Busty celebrity Fumie Hosokawa may not be Japan's most gifted performer, but she certainly seems to have a talent for picking the wrong guy to date, according to Yomiuri Weekly (9/23).

Having crept past her 36th birthday, Hosokawa has still to find herself a spouse despite having gone well past her use-by date as a pin-up idol, the most successful aspect of her career to date.

Making life tougher for Hosokawa has been the arrest in Saipan last month of Hisato Endo, the real estate agent she is reportedly smitten with.

Local reports say Endo and a tour company executive became embroiled in money troubles, which resulted in Hosokawa's purported beau allegedly slugging his one-time business partner and then trying to blackmail him.

Swelling Hosokawa's problems, in more ways than one as it turns out, are also whispers of the impending patter of little feet.

"A photo journalism magazine snapper got a recent picture of her and her belly looked so swollen she has to be pregnant," an entertainment beat reporter tells Yomiuri Weekly, adding that the star looked to have been about five months on the way. "If the kid is Endo's, she's probably due some time around January next year."

There have long been rumors of hanky panky going on between Hosokawa and Endo. In May, there were reports that the couple were spotted going through a wedding ceremony in Saipan. Which would have been wonderful news for Hosokawa, except that Endo already has a wife and child.

Endo managed to avoid being pursued on possible bigamy charges after the couple explained the ceremony was nothing more than a rehearsal for a photo shoot featuring Hosokawa later this year. Hosokowa also denied any suggestion that she and Endo were an item.

"He's someone I really respect, but we're not a couple," the weekly quotes the star saying at the time.

A Japanese showbiz insider, however, tells a different story, noting that Hosokawa already have a Saipan love nest in the form of a condo they bought together.

"Endo is doing a fair bit of new real estate work in Saipan. Even though Hosokawa says she's always in Saipan to be photographed, they're basically living together on the island," the source tells Yomiuri Weekly. "Besides, even if Hosokowa went back to Tokyo now, it's not as though she's gonna be flooded with offers for work."

Whatever the real story is with Endo, what can't be denied is that Hosokawa has definitely been unlucky in love. She was involved in a long-term relationship with an Osaka-based American street performer, once even going so far as to publicly announce an engagement. But the expected nuptials never arrived.

Yomiuri Weekly (9/23).
Yomiuri Weekly (9/23).

"No matter how much time went by, they never set a date and she'd never give anything concrete," an entertainment beat reporter says. "We got sick of asking her about it."

When Hosokawa and her foreign fiance did finally call it quits, reporters were already sick of the story and she was unable to benefit from any publicity or public sympathy the split may have elicited, not to mention the positive boost it could have given to her already flagging career.

"Apparently she'd been traumatized about reports she'd been having a fling with a major comedian (the married Beat Takeshi) and her love life began having an influence on her work," a veteran showbiz hack says.

Just as romance was causing ripples in Hosokawa's life, her career also took a distinct downturn. While trying to break out of the pin-up caper, she tried her hand at talk shows and acting, but wasn't particularly successful. The horizon doesn't look too bright, either.

"She's never got anything interesting to say on the talk shows and she doesn't play up to the audience. Even as an actress, there weren't many suitable parts for her and about the best she could hope for would be a bit part in a stage play," the veteran scribe tells Yomiuri Weekly. "She's tried the same trick several times of hyping up the raunchiness of her pin-up collections, but the fact is they're nothing more than semi-nudes; they've got no impact." (By Ryann Connell)

(Mainichi Japan) September 14, 2007


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