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Provincial Legislation
Ontario Pork is one of twenty-five marketing boards set up under the Ontario Farm Products Marketing Act. The Act delegates to the Farm Products Marketing Commission (FPMC) the power to set up and supervise marketing boards. The FPMC, in turn, delegates powers to individual marketing boards. The powers delegated to Ontario Pork are outlined in Ontario Regulation 419-1990 and 420-1990, and appropriate amendments.

Regulation 420-1990 governs how the Board is set-up and outlines how Councillors and Directors are to be elected. Regulation 419-1990 outlines the authority given to the Board for such things as controlling the assembling, shipping and transporting of hogs, setting service fees and how hogs are to be marketed.

Ontario Pork must follow these regulations. If a marketing board does not comply, the Farm Products Marketing Commission has the right to limit the powers of the marketing board, to revoke their orders or, in extreme cases, put them in trusteeship or close them down completely.

Farm Products Appeal Tribunal
Included in the provincial Ministry of Agriculture and Food Act, is provision for the Farm Products Appeal Tribunal. Under the legislation, anyone who feels aggrieved by policies of a marketing board, whether producer, processor or consumer, can appeal to the Tribunal.
Federal Legislation
The Farm Products Marketing Act covers activities within Ontario. The federal government passed the Agriculture Products Act in 1979 to extend the Board's powers beyond Ontario. This Act grants authority to Ontario Pork in respect to inter-provincial and trade export of live hogs.
Powers of Ontario Pork
Ontario Pork has been granted the legal right to control the marketing and transportation of  market hogs produced in Ontario. This means that all buyers, whether in or outside of Ontario, must buy through the Board. Ontario Pork's regulations do not cover breeding stock or feeder pigs.

The Board requires all producers to sell their market hogs through the Board. Producers are charged a service fee for every market hog sold in Ontario. There are no quotas in hog production, and producers are free to ship as many hogs as they wish.

The Board requires all truckers who transport hogs to be licensed by the Board. Producers who truck their own hogs to assembly yards are exempt.


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