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Welcome to Massively!

Filed under: Culture, MMO industry, Massively meta

This is it. The design is in place, our bloggers are trained and at the ready, and the password has been lifted from the site. Our brand new blog, Massively, is now live and ready for your perusal, your comments, your tips, and your eyeballs. Here, you'll find breaking news about MMO games both upcoming and established, insightful and wisecracking commentary about your favorite worlds, tips on how to get all your characters in all those universes the best they can be, and the high level of quality you've come to expect from WoW Insider, Second Life Insider, Joystiq and the Fanboy network. This is Massively, and welcome to it.

"But wait," you say, "we've already got tons of MMO sites out there. I've got sites I read for commentary, and sites I read for news. I've got dev blogs, community forums, and even sites that sift community forums for me. There are guide sites that have their own guide sites, and everybody and his cousin is already blogging about MMO videogames. Why do we need one more MMO blog?"

The answer is: because this is the place where all of those things come together, in one location; because of our commitment to producing top-notch original features; and because our incredibly talented staff of writers have spent as much time leveling their word-smithing skills as they have spent leveling characters in the virtual worlds we're going to be covering.

We've got every MMO you play covered, from Age of Conan to World of Warcraft, and even about 400 you don't (seriously, does anyone even play Planetside anymore? We hope all three of you will enjoy our posts about it). If you've ever read WoW Insider, we're like "WoW Insider for more MMOs than you possibly have time to play." If you've ever read Joystiq, we're like "Joystiq for MMOs," but even better, because Joystiq doesn't do strategies and tips, and baby, we do.

And, of course, we're a blog -- and that means you as readers help us make the site a great place to go to for intelligent discussion about MMOs. We're aiming to elevate the community, to spotlight the incredible culture that massively multiplayer games are producing, and to show off how talented and creative the fanbase is. Massively is your place to voice and share your opinions about the hottest topics in online gaming today.

We're also working with some of the most successful developers in the business to bring you exclusives and interviews on some of your favorite games. Plus, there's always the schwag -- we're going to kick off this site with a whopping two weeks full of contests. If you stick around and leave some comments, you'll have the chance to win a metric ton of prizes, including beta keys, games, game time cards, special in-game items, game merch, an iPod, a high end video card, and even a 24-inch flatscreen monitor. Everything that developers give to us, we give away to you -- it's policy.

And we also get to break some rules. We've escalated the gold ad issue up the ladder to the suits who've never even heard of World of Warcraft and convinced them to let us remove the Google AdSense ads that, no matter how much we blacklist, keep turning up new power-leveling and gold selling ads. We're taking a stand against gold ads and we hope you'll support us by... reading us!

We've assembled an appropriately massive team of some of the best MMO writers out there, and we're going to go in-depth, every day, on all the games and news you care about, and then some. So get involved -- drop us a tip on what you think of the site, or a newsworthy item you want us to cover. Get involved in the discussions in the comments -- if you've visited our other sites you'll recognize that your login works just like it does with all the other Blogsmith-powered Joystiq network sites. If you're new to the family, just leave a comment and click on your name to access your profile and change your custom avatar.

Add us to your RSS feeds or bookmarks folder, not only because you've definitely got to come back and check out our contests in the next week (seriously, we're giving away another Murloc costume from BlizzCon!), but because we're going to be hitting hard with non-stop, in-depth coverage of your favorite games.

Welcome to Massively!

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Reader Comments (Page 1 of 2)


Nov 2nd 2007 @ 8:39AM

j said...

thanks for launching. i look forward to the same relevance, high quality editorial and up-to-date, need-to-know information i find on other weblogs inc sites.

good luck. let's hope it's more successful than "Blogging the Cheese Business" was


Nov 2nd 2007 @ 9:08AM

Peteyi said...

Hello Massively,

This is great, WOW is my first and only MMO experience. I have nothing to compare it to. I look forward to being introduced to a whole new world of MMO's.



Nov 2nd 2007 @ 9:18AM

Vort said...

Good luck with Massively, I need all the MMO info I can get!

Jeff Rutherford4

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 9:21AM

Jeff Rutherford said...

This is great. I can't wait to read about Conan MMO, and lots of others.

Now, you just need to convince Apple and all the other game companies to make their MMOs Mac-compatible. WOW is, but a lot of others aren't.

And, I prefer not to play Windows game via Parallels.

Barb Dybwad5

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 11:43AM

Barb Dybwad said...

EVE is putting out a Mac client... definitely looking forward to that. I have a PC for gaming at home but when I travel I bring my MacBookPro which limits me to WoW on the road (and a healthy smattering of DS :))... and soon, EVE! :)

2 hearts vote downvote upReport

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 9:42AM

Burgdorn said...

Well first off, good to hear the new setup, and second is this going reproduce all the news that comes from all the other sites on the network related to MMOs? If not it is still something to check on constantly and I like the name, nice feel to it.

Mike Schramm7

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 9:48AM

Mike Schramm said...

Hey Burgdorn! This is a brand new blog that is going to run original MMO news 24/7. It's like WoW Insider, but for all MMOs. So yes, check in with us every day, and even more often than that (today we're running a new contest every hour), because just like Joystiq and WoW Insider, we'll have content as fast as you can read it.

2 hearts vote downvote upReport

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 10:08AM

CrazyKinux said...

Looking forward to those articles. So far you've got me hooked.


Christopher Grant9

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 1:22PM

Christopher Grant said...

Thanks for the Digg. :-)

2 hearts vote downvote upReport

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 10:39AM

Burgdorn said...

No fair I don't get to respond to a reply =P

Well if it is updated as fast as "I" read then what happens if I'm a slow reader? I don't want to be responsible for anyone else being bored waiting on me to read everything.

Christopher Grant11

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 10:54AM

Christopher Grant said...

You can respond to a reply by responding to your original comment. It will get nested in there below the last reply.

2 hearts vote downvote upReport

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 11:51AM

Burgdorn said...

Great now everyone is going to be thinking I'm talking to myself =P. BTW there is an issue when I get the e-mail saying I have a response, I get a blank page. Slightly odd, but just thought I would bring it up.

2 hearts vote downvote upReport
Christopher Grant13

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 12:10PM

Christopher Grant said...

I got the same issue :-/

I'll bring it up with ye olde tech team.

2 hearts vote downvote upReport

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 11:00AM

homant said...

Haha, TUAW, WoWInsider, now this?!?! Congrats on the new gig!

Mike Schramm15

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 11:54AM

Mike Schramm said...

muhahaha pretty soon I'll be on all blogs everywhere! thanks!

2 hearts vote downvote upReport

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 11:45AM

Brinstar said...

Congratulations on the launch, all!

Christopher Grant17

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 12:10PM

Christopher Grant said...

Thanks, Brinstar!

2 hearts vote downvote upReport

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 12:55PM

Oedi said...

Is this for US only games or world wide? You need to do more homework, because there are tons of MMO's out there.

Also, I get a feeling that this is only for popular US MMO's.

You have a ways to go to catch up to the likes of mmosite and mmorpg.

Good luck.

Michael Rose19

Nov 2nd 2007 @ 1:37PM

Michael Rose said...

Congratulations to Mike & the Massively team on your big debut!

from all your buddies at TUAW


Nov 2nd 2007 @ 3:12PM

Dire said...

Keep up the great work guys, liking the blog.

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