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Actor Sam Waterston Calls on Americans to Join Growing 2008 Political Movement, Unity08

Waterston urges Americans to seize rare opportunity to change politics forever

New York, NY … December 5, 2006 … Today, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning actor Sam Waterston called on Americans to embrace Unity08 ( and seize the chance to make history by electing a bipartisan ticket to the White House. He serves on the Unity08 founders council and will be an official spokesperson.

"You may have seen me on TV, but you've never seen me speak out like this before," said the star of the long-running NBC television series Law & Order in a video posted on "I have volunteered to speak out for a brand new movement called Unity08. It is our chance to pick the next president directly. And we must start preparing right now."

He explains that the recent congressional elections served to raise Americans' expectations, even to reenergize many. But he urges Americans not to forget the ads, the attacks, the money and strings attached to it, and the avoidance of crucial issues. "Despite the elections, lobbyist corruption and bitter partisanship remain the reality in Washington – proof positive that the system is broken, and that a third force in the middle is essential to fix it," he said.

He believes that the wide-open nature of the upcoming presidential election makes it a rare opportunity for voters to fix America's overly partisan, money-laden political system – and to make history as a result.

"Through Unity08, for the first time we are going to throw out the backroom deals … and yes! Change politics forever by conducting a national primary to pick a Unity Ticket for president and vice president over the Internet – one Republican, one Democrat, in whatever order," he said. "You’ll vote. You’ll decide. Not the consultants and spin doctors. Not the special interests. Not the lobbyists."

He urges Americans to join Unity08 now. "As you know, the year 2008 will soon be here," he said. "There is no time to lose. Come join by signing up to be part of Unity08."

Waterston is helping Unity08 by serving as a spokesperson to the media, urging Americans to spread the word, and serving as a source of ideas and perspective on ways to make the movement appeal to as many Americans as possible.

View the Sam Waterston video and sign up to join Unity08 by visiting

Unity08 is a recently established political movement attracting Americans deeply concerned with the polarization of our political system. Unity08 will provide American voters access to a new and highly participatory process to nominate and elect a bipartisan ticket to the White House in 2008, unconstrained by the limitations of the current system. Learn more at