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SOHH Exclusive: Royce Da 5' 9" Addresses Nas Signing, "For Him To Say I Was Nice Meant A Lot"

Tuesday - January 2, 2007 by Carl Chery

Royce Da 5'9

Royce Da 5'9" recently caught up with SOHH to discuss working with DJ Premier, writing for Diddy and possibly signing with Nas.

After nearly a two-year break, Royce has enlisted DJ Premier to executive produce his next LP. Nottz and Carlos "Six July" Broady are also expected to produce on the CD.

"I'm working with Preme, but he's not doing the whole album," Royce told SOHH. "He's doing like six songs, but he's executive producing the album. He's like hands on with every song that I do. He likes to be there when I cut the vocals and everything. I actually got like about five [records] done with Preme. We'll probably do 10 to 15 records before we pick the best 6."

Besides working his own project, Royce took time to do a little ghost writing last year. While many were reported to have written for Diddy's Press Play album, Royce was quietly credited for penning "Tell Me," Puff's second single featuring Christina Aguilera.

"I didn't go around doing a lot of bragging about it," Royce explained. "It was in the early stages of me working with Puff and I was still building a relationship. The last thing I wanna do is run out and say, 'Oh, I wrote this for Diddy.' I just didn't wanna say too much. I was proud of myself for being in that position, for working with a dude of that caliber, but I also wanted to keep it real respectful. I just ran a real tight ship with working with him just to give him my respect. So I didn't do a lot of publicizing."

Diddy not only recognized Royce's pen, the mogul also expressed interest in signing the lyricist to Bad Boy. Recently, reports also began spreading that Nas was interested in inking Royce to his Jones Experience imprint. Royce's camp is hopeful that the two parties could meet soon and possibly involve God's Son in the ongoing project.

"I'm an emcee and I'm a fan first before anything," Royce offered. "When I heard that there was an interest and he [Nas] thought I was nice know that affected me moreso than him saying he wanna sign me. People say they wanna sign me all the time. But for him to say I was nice. That @#!* meant a lot to me."

Royce was sentenced to one year in prison for reportedly violating probation back in September. Though rumors say he's been released from the Oakland County Jail in Detroit, sources from Royce's camp denied the rumors.


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  • Benjeem C. Sampson says...
  • 1st. Time to start putting some nice emcees back in the mainstream. Hip Hop is on some Jean Grey (X-Men) ish!
  • Tuesday, 01-02-2007 @ 12:14pm
  • - says...
  • Gotta respect Royce for being a stand up dude way back and standing on his own two when he had that situation with Em and Dre. Keep doing your thing!
  • Tuesday, 01-02-2007 @ 12:25pm
  • a says...
  • he's on work release
  • Tuesday, 01-02-2007 @ 12:34pm


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