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SecrecyKeeper - data security

SecrecyKeeper is the software series designed to prevent accidental information leakages and intentional theft of the confidential information


IPS SecrecyKeeper is designed for companies and security services. With its help you can protect your company from accidental confidential information leakage caused by your employees’ carelessness. It also protects your confidential information from being theft by your employees. SecrecyKeeper allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Restrict IT department employees' access to confidential data;
  • Restrict unauthorized distribution of confidential information by applying data confidentiality and employee access levels;
  • Dynamically block employees' permissions to access data transmission hardware diskettes, flash drives and the Internet depending on the employees' access permissions and level of confidentiality of documents being processed;
  • Dynamically and statically block access to USB-ports
  • Software restriction policy;
  • Provide detailed reports on using confidential data.


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