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Sosay first started off in wrestling in 2003 in Windy City Pro Wrestling a.k.a Chicago Wrestling. There she entered into matches with the likes of Robbie Dawber, Krez, Stud Muffin, Acid Jaz, Vito Fonataine, Crystal Carmichael, Matt Taylor, Trinity, Vic Ferrari, and Sandra D. On the May 20th show, Sosay defeated Sandra D for the Windy City Pro Wrestling Ladies Title at the 15th annual Battle of the Belts. Sosay would continue working in Windy City Pro Wrestling for the months to follow. In 2004 she left the company and moved to Louisville, Kentucky to persue a career in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Sosay started training at Ohio Valley Wrestling in hope of getting a WWE Developmental contract. She was trained by the likes of Al Snow and Lance Storm. She trained with profressional wrestling divas like Melissa Coates, Angel Williams, and Vanessa Harding. She also has traind with ECW's Ariel, WWE Raw's Maria, Melina, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, and WWE Smackdowns' Jillian Hall. She trained with many great male wrestlers aswell who have gone on to WWE and ECW fame.

Sosay made her OVW TV debut on the May 15th 2005 OVW show where she debuted as Desiree and was interviewed by Alexis Laree and then attacked by Beth Phoenix because she was touching Aaron "The Idol" Stevens. Sosay (Desiree) didn't reappear on TV again until the July 2nd 2005 OVW show where she was introduced as the manager and girlfriend of Ken Doane (Raw's Kenny Dykstra) and the newest member of Bolin Services. She stayed with the Desiree gimmick for a few more weeks, but then her name was changed back to Sosay. While with them, she would emerge into a fued with WWE Raw's Maria

Sosay stayed with Ken Doane until January 2006 where Ken Doane left Bolin Services for the Spirit Squad and Raw fame. She moved onto working with her good friend Robbie Dawber in their group known as the Revolution in February 2006. She only stayed with them for one night as a result of her getting attacked by Shelly Martinez (ECW's Ariel) for he calling Paul Burchill (Shelly's love interest.)

Sosay would reappear in OVW in April of 2006 where she would start her own solo career. She entered into matches with the likes of Shelly Martinez and Trinity while continuing her battle backstage with Maria. Sosay would dissappear for May 2006 and most of June 2006. She came back onto TV on the June 24th 2006 OVW TV show where she participaetd in a Bikini Contest (Sosay vs Roni Jonah vs Kelly Kelly vs Jennifer Mae vs Foxy Faith vs ODB). No winner was anounced as ODB attacked all of the OVW Divas. The next week Sosay came out as the new manager and sports publicist of "Fearless" Jack Bull. The two disspaeared off of TV for the summer for working on their charecter and attire.

Sosay and "Fearless" Jack Bull returned to OVW TV in October of 2006. Each week "Fearless" Jack Bull would perform stunts put together by Sosay. These stunts led them into a fued with Joey Mercury. The fued lasted long and vicious. It went to the point where Joey Mercury attacked Sosay and gave her a Rodeo Driver on the December 2nd 2006 OVW show. The move was slightly botched and Sosay got a neck injury where she was recooping at home for a month and a half.

Sosay returned to OVW TV on the January 13th 2007 OVW TV show along the side of "Fearless" Jack Bull. They were together again for two weeks until "Fearless" Jack Bull was released from his WWE Developemental contract on January 19th 2007. Sosay has since then been featured in the dark matches of OVW and involving in divas matches at the OVW houseshows, in somewhat of a buildup into a fued with ODB.
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