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Needle Tatting 
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Roger aka Freedman © 1995
This cross is made using two colors. Save your left over ends to use for tassel if you want a tassel on your work.
Cross can be done in a variety of colors, or one color, and working off the ball.  It is one I made on my own, back in 1995, so I hope my directions are clear. Please always refer to photos to help you along.
You will tie your two threads together, hide the ends inside the double stitches as you make them.
You will make the first ring with the needle thread, which will also be the core thread.
Flip work over, do not use the reverse work method, just flip it.
Now you will use the needle as the core again and make the chain.
Shape the chain and flip the work again to make the next ring with the needle thread.
Made with a size 5 needle & size 10 thread.
Start with color of choice for ring, attached to needle and other thread off ball. 
Lavender R  3d  p 3ds p 3ds p 3ds cl RW (do not tie, just flip work)
Peach Ch  3ds p 3ds cl RW (do not tie just flip work)
Lavender R  3ds + 3ds p 3ds p 3ds cl rev. and continue until you have seven rings. 
*DO NOT  turn the 7th ring, start 8th ring and join to the 7th. see photo) this makes the corner curve.
Turn and make chain, and attach to the last chain made.(see photo)  which helps secure the corner.
Reverse and make  another ring rev.
Make another chain  rev.
Make ring rev
The next chain make a longer one  by doing 3ds p 3ds p 3ds p 3ds.  
Now for the top ring I only did 6ds attach to middle ring of last ring made, then 6ds. Reverse.
Do  the long chain again, 3ds p 3ds p 3ds p 3ds. rev.
R 3ds p 3ds +3ds p 3ds (this one attach to the picot of both rings. (see photo)
Ch  3ds p 3ds
R 3ds +3ds +3ds p 3ds (see photo how one picot attach's to the other rings made.)
Ch 3ds p 3ds
R 3ds + 3ds + 3ds p 3ds (see photo first and second picot are attached)
*Now we are back to the corner to work up for the top of cross.
Continue around for top and next side and work your way back down to bottom. Tie off and if you wish make a tassel for ends.
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