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Subway Sect & Souisie & The Banshees & Stinky Toys

cdr from 1st gen tape - nice upgrade - Sound 3 - 23min - tracks 11 - last update - 18 Jan 02 *

promotional showcase to impress record companies

The Festival on the 20th & 21st in the tiny 100 Club in Oxford Street was a promotional showcase designed by Maclaren to impress record companies and the media that Punk was big enough to have a festival. He must have been delighted as 500 inquisitive newcomers turned up to mingle with the regular punk faces. Punk was breaking out of the small clubs and the media frenzy following, would give it significant impetus.

England's Dreaming & Return of the Last Gang in Town both give the background in some detail. Savage said the group lacked confidence. Hardly surprisingly as it was their debut as a four piece. Keith Levene had left only two weeks earlier but Terry Chimes is quoted as saying this caused no problems: the band were now more focussed and determined.

Mick's lead style was now developing using further drop out to add more drama to songs. A further benefit was that Paul was now free to move into the front line spotlight, hurling his bass around and completing visually, the classic line up.

A short 11-song set was played lasting only 25 minutes. Why is not known, but Chimes says it was to cut out dead wood, with a number of Mick's songs now dropped; Mark Me Absent, You Know What I Think About You, Sitting at my Party, I Never Did It & 1-2 Crush On You.


It was on the second night that Sid threw the glass, and it was this isolated violent incident alone that was to preoccupy the 'normal-a-phrenic' national tabloid headlines. The music press though also went into overdrive, with extensive band coverage, heaping praise praising on The Clash et al.

England's Dreaming wrongly attributes this gig to the occasion when with a broken string Strummer switched on a transistor and with the help of Dave Goodman echoed the Northern Ireland news report via the PA. This did take place at the 100 Club but earlier on August 31st.

The previously circulating recording of this gig had awful sound, so beware, but a new source is now in circulation, which is a big improvement.

Several older tapes of all had a poor sound of varying degrees. A new copy coming from a 1st gen source has just come into widespread circulation is a significant upgrade and is a 3. Avoid the others.

Whilst still distorted and flat, instrumentation and vocals are much clearer from this much lower generation source. It is listenable but nowhere near as enjoyable as Midnight Special and 5 Go Mad bootlegs.

This was the live debut of White Riot, which has different lyrics to the recorded version, but most of which are indecipherable. The recording loses the opening bars to the song but is otherwise complete with no other edits. Guitar sound is thin, drums distant but bass is not too bad with vocals and backing vocals coming through best.

It's a very good performance with some significant differences from their last gig at the Roundhouse. The songs are stripped down to their basics, and played faster, i.e. are now more punk.

London's Burning has now the finished ending and not the abrupt end as at the Roundhouse.

Janie Jones is now "he's in love etc" not "I'm in love etc" and Mick sings the chorus, Joe the verses.

I'm So Bored is the same lyrics of a put down of a girl with references to "you don't look like her" and "public school" but now Joe shouts USA after the verses at the end of the song. A song and band in transition.


White Riot
Londons Burning
I'm so Bored with the USA
How can I understand the Flies
Protex Blue
Deadly Serious
48 Hours
What's My Name
Janie Jones

Janie Jones

Marcus Gray Last Gang in Town

Interviews & Clippings from 76

Don Giovani
Finest post Pistols band

Nov 1976
The Clash & Polydor Demos

Rockscene Anarchy
Photo review 1 2 3

Strummer, Jones, Simonen, Chimes, Levene

Jul 4

Black Swan, Sheffield

Last gang in Town p170

Aug 13 Rehearsal Rehearsals, Camden Town, London

....private invite gig

Aug 29

Screen On The Green, Islington, London

Midnight Special Last gang in Town p180

Aug 31

100 Club, London

...supporting the Sex Pistols.Last gang in Town p190

Sep 5

The Roundhouse, Camden Town, London

...Keith Levenes last gig with The Clash. journalists invited; 3 show up. Last gang in Town p190
Strummer, Jones, Simonen, Chimes
Sep 20 Club, London...100 Club Punk Festival
with the Pistols, the Damned, the Buzzcocks, Subway Sect et al. Last gang in Town p195
Oct 9 Tiddenfoot Leisure Centre, Leyton Buzzard
supporting the Rockets... just a note on your gig list i saw them at tiddingfoot leisure centre and keith levene was still a member they were supported by a r n b band called the rockets.

the promoter a guy called chris france had also promoted gigs by the jam,the dammed and eddie and the hot rods all in leighton buzzard he also managed john otway and wild willy barrett at this time.the clash were superb sounding a lot like the mc5 at this gig.

i'd actually gone along to see the rockets who i'd seen locally several times in the previous couple of years and followed around a bit,but the clash blew them off stage and they split soon after.cheers glyn

Oct? Guildford??
Oct 15 Acklam Hall, Ladbroke Grove, London
supporting Spartacus and Sukuya.
Last gang in Town p210 (from Time Out mag).
Oct 16 University of London, London
supporting Shakin Stevens. Last gang in Town p211
Oct 23 Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
Last gang in Town p215
Oct 27 Barbarellas, Birmingham
Last gang in Town p217
Oct 28 I.C.A., London
with Subway Sect
Oct 29 Town Hall, Fulham, London
Last gang in Town p217. Supporting Roogalator
Nov 3 Harlesden Coliseum
Nov 5 Royal College of Art, London
A Night Of Treason Last gang in Town p218.
...supported by thge Rockets
Nov 6 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
3 photos given as this date, though it is likely to be the 29th Nov
Nov 11 Lacy Lady, Ilford
Last gang in Town p222.
Nov Polydor Demos
Nov 18 Nags Head, High Wycombe
Last gang in Town p224.
Nov 29 Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry
Last gang in Town p189