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John Wilkes Booth Was Right  
by The Southern Avenger
13 April 2004

This Wednesday, April 14th, is the 139th anniversary of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Although Lincoln�s assassin, John Wilkes Booth's heart was in the right place, the Southern Avenger does regret that Lincoln's murder automatically turned him into a martyr. American heroes like Thomas Jefferson and Robert E. Lee have been unfairly attacked in recent years, but Abraham Lincoln is still regarded as a saint. Well, he wasn't it - far from it. In fact, not only was Abraham Lincoln the worst President, but one of the worst figures in American history.

Imagine you entered into an agreement with a friend. Your friend then decides to gain the upper hand at your expense. For your own good, you decide to back out and go your own way. But instead of letting bygones be bygones, your friend burns your house down, rapes your sister and forces you to re-enter the agreement at gun point. This is pretty much what Lincoln did to the Southern people.

The Constitution of the United States was an experiment among the states to form a general government as a practical measure. After roughly 70 years the South believed this experiment was not working in their favor and decided to end the experiment - which is exactly what many of the Founding Fathers predicted might happen including Jefferson and Washington. Abe Lincoln wasn't having it.

Despite the Founding Fathers� intentions Lincoln appointed himself dictator. For the first time in American history - civilian populations became military targets, private property was destroyed intentionally, and millions of Southerners of all ages, races and sexes were starved, raped, beaten and brutalized into submission.

People like to say that Lincoln did all of this to �save the union.� But to quote one scholar, the manner in which Lincoln �saved the union� was more like a man who beats his wife to save their marriage. That�s not much of a marriage � and America in 1865 wasn�t much of a union.

Some like to say that Lincoln did all of this to free the slaves, which would have been news to Lincoln who was not only a white supremacist, but intended to raise funds through Congress to send black Americans � free or slave - back to Africa. Far from being a humanitarian, Lincoln�s Emancipation Proclamation did indeed free slaves in the South in the hopes that they would turn against their masters, but protected slavery in states loyal to Lincoln. Even the constitution of Lincoln�s home state of Illinois prohibited blacks from entering the state and this policy was heavily endorsed by the President.

If you are a patriotic American who believes in the ideals of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and George Washington � then you cannot at the same time honor Abraham Lincoln. That�s like praising Jesus and worshipping Satan simultaneously. In fact, the Founding Fathers most likely would have snatched Lincoln up by his beard and hung him from the nearest tree. Lincoln�s war empowered the federal government beyond the wildest imaginations of any of the Founders and modern Americans can thank Abe Lincoln for laying the groundwork that led to the bloated Federal bureaucracy that taxes us to death today. The fact that April 15th is both the anniversary of Lincoln�s assassination and tax day makes perfect sense. We might not even have had a federal income tax if it weren�t for him. And I imagine somewhere in hell Abe Lincoln is probably having the last laugh.



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