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The Sad State of Confederate Memorial Day  
by The Southern Avenger
11 May 2006

Wednesday May 10 was Confederate Memorial Day in South Carolina. The date was chosen to mark the death of General Thomas Jackson, but with apologies to Stonewall, I personally like to remember it as the birthday of John Wilkes Booth, the man who gave Abe Lincoln his just desserts. But historical tidbits aside, other than the most hardcore of Southerners, very few people noticed the holiday at all. Of those who did notice, many chose instead to mock the holiday, pointing out how "unprogressive" Southern states like SC are and telling us the "war is over." Proving once again that when it comes to all-things Confederate, what's good for the goose is not always good for the gander.

The truth is, Southerners celebrating Confederate Memorial Day makes more sense than most other non-religious holidays we celebrate. Just last Friday, Americans observed Cinco De Mayo, which commemorates a Mexican military victory over the French in 1862, as if that had any significant relevance to this country whatsoever. Before that, we observed St. Patrick's Day, which celebrates the patron saint of Ireland, the likes of which has had minimal impact on America as well. What's so strange or "backward" about commemorating a struggle that not only happened on our own soil, but forever changed our government, created poverty to such an extent that our grandparents were still feeling its affects and took the lives of a quarter million Southerners to boot?  Granted, in the cases of Cinco De Mayo and St. Patrick's Day, both holidays are mainly excuses for Americans to get drunk on tequila and green beer respectively. But at the very least, it logically makes a hell of a lot more sense for Southerners to break out the Tennessee Whiskey on Confederate Memorial Day, than it does to even observe Valentine's Day, Groundhog Day and Halloween combined.

At root, the rejection of Confederate heritage is simply the most politically-correct extension of the rejection of Western culture as a whole. Those who now denounce Christopher Columbus as an imperialist and the Founding Fathers as racists have simply moved on to other targets after having demolished the most vulnerable one symbolized by the Confederacy. Far from being a celebration of multiple cultures, "multiculturalism" is simply a tool to run roughshod over traditional American culture in order to replace it with minor and insignificant cultures. Multiculturalism doesn't wish simply for a fair shake and a place at the table, but seeks to rip the tablecloth from underneath us altogether, so that every non-Western, non-European and non-Christian culture can fill the void and replace our true history once and for all. Today, Confederate Memorial Day is a joke. Next will be the 4th of July.

Those who laugh at Confederate Memorial Day are the same people who will reject other aspects of traditional American culture the moment it is explained just how "racist" they are. Despite the fact that the majority of wars in history have had ethnic and racial implications, Southerners and Americans in general are made to feel uniquely ashamed. Afraid of offending the wrong group or appearing insensitive, many run from their native culture altogether, embracing anything that will prove just how "progressive" they are. And if the Southern Avenger runs into one more Buddhist from Alabama, pagan "witch" from West Virginia or Rastafarian from Ridgeville I'm going to scream.

When it come right down to it, the old white guys who like to play dress-up in their military uniforms on days like Confederate Memorial Day, or re-enactors as they're called, have a healthier sense of identity than the majority of those who mock them. They are not "backward" or "unprogressive" buy loyal and reverent, much like people from the Far East, the Middle East and Africa have been for centuries to their own traditions and ancestors. You know, the non-Western cultures we are taught are so superior to our own? Maybe they have a point. And it's no wonder that in this multicultural age of ours, so many American college kids are always trying to "find themselves." They don't even know where to begin to look.


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