MEMPHIS, Tenn.Mark Henry certainly made an impact when he returned to SmackDown this past May, injuring Undertaker with a brutal attack and costing him the World Heavyweight Championship. But at Unforgiven, it was The Phenom’s turn to make an impact, and that’s exactly what he did; after a four-month absence, Undertaker made his grand return and righted a wrong by convincingly vanquishing the World’s Strongest Man.

For the last few weeks on SmackDown, Undertaker has been playing mind games with Henry in the form of video interruptions. The World’s Strongest Man claimed these games didn’t rattle him, and kept calling Undertaker out, going so far as to attack a druid two weeks ago. Even our fans seemed to side with Henry, as 55 percent of those who voted in a recent poll thought Henry would finally destroy The Deadman once and for all.

At Unforgiven, however, it was clear from the moment The Phenom made his glorious entrance that revenge was the only thing on his mind, and nothing would stop him from getting it. Whether or not the grand spectacle of Undertaker’s return rattled Henry or not, the World’s Strongest Man shrugged it off and came after The Phenom with perhaps even more aggression than he did the night he took Undertaker down.

In the end though, The Deadman would not be destroyed. Henry used everything in his arsenal – including a trio of 400-pound splashes and even a superplex – but Undertaker just kept coming. It looked grim when the World’s Strongest Man slapped The Phenom in a bearhug, but somehow, The Deadman fought it off and broke the hold. Then, in an impressive display of power, Undertaker took the World’s Strongest Man on his Last Ride to gain the winning pinfall. 

With half of his mission complete, Undertaker wasted no time on embarking on the second half. Just moments after defeating Henry, The Phenom motioned to his waist, signaling that he wanted the World Heavyweight Championship back. Undertaker was clearly watching when Batista finally took down The Great Khali to regain the title earlier in the night, and with the self-proclaimed Silverback checked off his list, The Deadman has made it known that his next target is none other than the King of the SmackDown jungle.

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