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The Boundary Committee for England

Electoral reviews

The objective of an electoral review is to ensure that, within each local authority area, the number of electors represented by each councillor is approximately the same. Electoral reviews are necessary because of changes in the electorate within local authority areas. When making our recommendations we also take into account community identity and convenient and effective local governance.

We may recommend a change in the number of councillors to be elected in an area and a change in the number of wards and their boundaries. When reviewing these areas we can also consider the electoral arrangements of town and parish councils.

More detailed information about how we conduct electoral reviews can be found on the guidance page.

Further electoral reviews (FERs)

Now that the PER cycle has finished (see below), we are going back to look at areas where significant electoral imbalances have arisen. Currently the Electoral Commission has directed us to undertake 24 such reviews. 21 of these reviews have now been completed:

Information on the four on-going reviews can be found on the current further electoral reviews page.

Periodic electoral reviews (PERs)

We are required to carry out electoral reviews in each local government area in England at periodic intervals. We inherited the last programme from the Local Government Commission for England and completed it in October 2004. All Orders implementing these changes have now been made.

In April 2005 the Report on the year 2004-05 (+ appendix A) was published. It summarised the last of these PERs in comparison with previous years. This report also summarises the findings from the annual survey of stakeholders, again in comparison with previous years.

Can district ward boundaries cross county division boundaries?


Can The Boundary Committee recommend changes to external parish boundaries as part of a periodic electoral review?


How soon after the publication of the Committee's final recommendations will changes be made?

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