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Killstealing Blues (big) Quicktime, 13.8mb

Killstealing Blues (small) Quicktime, 4.4mb

Killstealing Blues (big) Windows Media Viewer, 16.3mb

Killstealing Blues (small) Windows Media Viewer, 3.2mb

Nearly every shot in this movie is the result of heavy demo-editing. Everything from locking down or repositioning the camera to whole-sale insertion of characters, animations and effects was done.

The first demos taken for this movie were made before Caveat Emptor, and before the announcement of the first annual Paragon City Film Festival (a contest put on by NCSoft to reward fan-made movies). At the time I was still pretty unfamiliar with the possibilities of demo-editing, and had a hard time figuring out how to compose many of the scenes I needed, so I stopped work on this and made the easier Caveat instead.

I originally had a much different idea as to the music that would go into the montage sequence, as well. Then I saw that "NumaNuma" video, and knew I just had to jump head-first onto that bandwagon.(If you haven't seen it, do a google search for "Numa Numa". You won't regret it)

For anyone who's curious, Battery Acid helped me out with the cereal-stealing bit (and was replaced in the demo with one of my own characters), and Cherrie BomB helped me out with a team invite right when I needed one (that is not the BomB in the alley, however. That's my own Tabasco Sauce). Tons of thanks to both of them for the aid.

©2005 Richard H. Moon

Banner Images courtey NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

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