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Caveat Emptor (big) Quicktime, 61.5mb

Caveat Emptor (small) Quicktime, 12.9mb

Caveat Emptor (big) Windows Media Viewer, 27.3mb

Caveat Emptor (small) Windows Media Viewer, 8.7mb

This movie was made for and submitted to the First Annual Paragon City Film Festival, where it didn't win anything at all. Never the less, I am quite proud of it.

Quite a bit of demo scripting was done (essentially any shot containing the, ahem, "big guy," as well as touches here and there in other shots).

I re-edited Caveat after the Paragon City film festival concluded, to better reflect what I had originally planned, especially when it comes to the music. Still, there was an entire coda planned that I never got around to making. I have no plans to put together said coda at the moment, but I could see, sometime in the future, putting out a "Special Addition", with a new ending, some better effects, and, of course, Han shooting first.

©2005 Richard H. Moon

Banner Images courtey NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD

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