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Neuropathology Laboratory
Original Contributions

 Neuroanatomy Structures - Human brain atlas: search neuroanatomy structures by their English and Latin Names
 Functional Neuroanatomy Tables: blood supply to the brain, tracts of the spinal cord, spinal cord syndromes, cerebral angiography
 Online Neuropathology Atlas: stroke, degenerative, demyelinating diseases, infections of the nervous system, tumor of the brain
 Neuroanatomy, neuropathology, neurology quizzes

 Internet Handbook of Neurology: a compilation of links pointing to free full text articles, lecture notes and other professional online resources

Dementia * Demyelinating Diseases * Epilepsy * Impaired Consciousness, Sleep Disorders * Infection * Movement Disorders * Neurologic Examination * Neuromuscular Diseases * Pain * Signs and Symptoms * Stroke * Toxic, Metabolic, Nutritional Disorders * Trauma * Tumor
 Neuroradiology, brain anatomy, brain diseases, imaging, teaching files

Clinical Studies Department of Neurology

Department of Neurology
of Debrecen, Hungary

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